Our Saturday night takeaway with Chicago Town


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This Saturday was one of very few Saturdays in our summer calendar where we didn’t have any plans. So I made a phone call and invited my Sister round for a good catch up and to join us for pizza, cocktails and a smoothie or two. Our family are huge pizza lovers. I would happily eat it cold for breakfast, warm for lunch and again for dinner if I could get away with it but alas no. Olly really enjoys pizza too with his favourite toppings being extra cheese, ham and pepperoni.


Chicago Town has always been one of our favourite brands of cook at home pizza. It’s a brand both my husband and I have grown up with, well at least in our university days and to this day, it’s a brand we rely on for our little family to enjoy too. Bought frozen from the supermarket, they’re quick to cook and taste just as you would expect from a pizza restaurant. They’re a great price too meaning the whole family can enjoy a treat without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s a meal in with family or a meal with friends, Chicago Town pizza is always a winner. I love the crusts and would happily eat everyone’s crusts if they left them. They’re the best, chewy and full of that yummy seasoned dough flavour.

Chicago Town Pizza Boxes

They have recently launched seven new taste sensations including Limited Edition The Takeaway Pulled Beef Brisket, The Takeaway American Hot, The Takeaway Four Cheese, The Takeaway Cajun Chicken, Deep Dish Meatball Melt, Deep Dish Mega Meaty and Pizza Melt BBQ Chicken.

Olly is a bit of a stickler for what he knows and enjoys so really enjoyed the Deep Dish Meatball Melt and a slice from The Takeaway Four Cheese. I love how the deep dish pizzas are perfectly sized for smaller appetites. I usually cut it up into slices for him and he’ll happily help himself to as much or as little as he pleases.

Chicago Town Pizza

Of course once, we had cut up the pizza on Saturday night and the drinks were flowing, we all had a rather fabulous evening and had the ultimate pizza hit. My favourite pizza was most definitely the The Takeaway Cajun Chicken whilst my Sister enjoyed the American Hot. Greg enjoyed a slice from the selection on the table but loved the Four Cheese pizza.

Deep Dish Pizza

Unfortunately we all really enjoyed the pizza far too much, there wasn’t any left to enjoy cold for breakfast the next morning, boo!

Have you seen Chicago Town’s latest advert? It’s a real feel good fun advert that is rather catchy, you wouldn’t catch me doing those moves after a Pimms or two, definitely not* (*totally would!)

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 12/07/2016 at 7:09 am

    Oh nooo, more pizza! I managed to resist yesterday after reading two posts about pizza but I think it might have to be pizza for us tonight! These look so good!

  • Reply Emma Lofthouse-Burch 12/07/2016 at 11:44 am

    God these look so good, I love pizza especially cold for breakfast!

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