Easy, Unusual and Fun Ways to Make Extra Money


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We all want a bit more money every month, right? Most often, making more money involves taking on a part-time job, usually on top of your regular job. While this might be fine when you’re single with no kids, if you have a busy homelife, a few nightshifts in a pub aren’t going to go down too well. So, you have to think outside of the box and find ways to bring in the pennies without too much disruption to your routine.

Review new music for money

If you’re a music fan you’ll love this! Listen to the works of unsigned bands and review them at Slicethepie. You’ll have to put in the work initially to convince Them (whoever they are) that you have a good pair of ears, but once you’re up and running, 10 minutes a day could net you £40 a month.

Deliver leaflets

Sounds a bit studenty, but many companies pay well for diligent leaflet distributors. Just a few hours a week could earn you £30-40.

Enter competitions online or through the post

You’d be amazed at what you can enter and what you could win. The prizes could be baby equipment or six months’ worth of cat food. Look out for big promotions like a company’s anniversary or expansion – these events tend to make them generous!

Test new websites

There are many sites which offer the chance to try out and give feedback on websites in return for money. Some assignments pay mere pence, but others can pay up to £10 if you’ll be spending more time on them. You’ll usually be paid by PayPal after you reach a pre-set threshold.

Earn on Twitter

If you have a few thousand Twitter followers and a well-established account you can earn anything from 50p to £15 for posting sponsored tweets. Look at PaidPerTweet or similar services. There is a limit to what you can earn, however, as a slew of sponsored tweets might lose you some devotees, so you have to strike a balance.

Sell your old books the modern way

Don’t just take your books to the charity shop or hold a garage sale as you might be surprised by how much some old volumes could be worth. Use an app that scans the barcode and gives you several different quotes from different buy-back companies. Once you see a price you like, accept the quote and follow the instructions, which usually involve printing out a postal label, handing over your PayPal details and packaging up the books.

Do some ad hoc data entry jobs

There are loads of platforms for jobs like this, where you can perform routine, boring tasks like data entry, data sorting, translations, transcription, editing and so on. You can do as much or as little as you like and your pay out can range from a few tens of pounds to a few hundred, depending on how fast you are and how much time you put in. Be prepared, though, most of the jobs are very dull!

If you have any great ideas for making extra money, let me know.

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