Are you a typical Brit abroad?


*Collaborative post with Auto Europe

Having recently returned from a fantastic weeks holiday in Fuerteventura, we have serious holiday blues. Thank goodness the sunshine here in the UK has made an appearance this week putting a smile back on our faces.


Thinking back to our holiday, I do often wonder if we were typical Brits abroad. A recent survey commissioned by luxury car hire company Auto Europe asked 2,000 British holidaymakers what their typical two week holiday abroad looked like. The results are really interesting and some of the stats are really familiar.

Getting there

Us Brits love a good foreign holiday. The average mileage we love to travel to get there is roughly 2,479 miles, in terms of distance that’s the distance between Birmingham in the West Midlands, to Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. Our holiday to Fuerteventura was a 3 and a half hour flight which is pretty much what us Brits like. It’s far enough away to be a wonderful break from home but near enough to catch a quick scheduled flight back home if we needed to.

Food and drink

After putting on far too much weight on holiday, I can completely relate to these next set of statistics. Over two weeks, there’s an average of 56 alcoholic drinks consumed with more than 1 in 4 people eating over 500 calories a day more than at home. When I was on holiday, we paid for an all inclusive break so enjoyed the plentiful hotel breakfast, the pool bar snacks, the ice cream, the amazing range of puddings on display after our evening meal. Wow, the food was just amazing and it’s no wonder we really let our hair down and forget the diet whilst we’re on holiday.

 Topping up the tan

With our three year old with us, we didn’t get much chance to sunbathe but we did manage to catch the sun. I’m surprised the stats aren’t a bit higher than 3 hours. Us Brits do love our sunshine and before having our son, we would have stayed out in it much longer than that.

The stats are really fascinating and us Brits are rather predictable. If you want to see the survey results in full, head on over to the Auto Europe website to find out more. If you’re off on holiday over the Summer holidays, which stats will you resonate with?

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 24/07/2016 at 1:39 pm

    Haha these are really interesting stats! I’m actually quite surprised at the average holiday price, I thought it would be higher than that. We don’t really fit into the statistics as we don’t go on beach holidays, but I can definitely relate to eating too much on holiday!

  • Reply Tracey Williams 26/07/2016 at 9:51 pm

    I too was surprised at the average holiday price as thought it would be higher. And eating only an extra 500 calories a day. I think I consumed an extra 5000 on our last all inclusive holiday back in April. Damn those gorgeous cocktails x

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