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For many years, my husband and I have spent many an evening discussing what we would do if we won a million pounds. It’s akin to being given the Argos catalogue when you were a youngster and creating your wishlist for your Primary School project. Do you go buy a fancy car or two? Maybe plan a huge party and invite all your friends and family? Or do you think selflessly and give it away to charity?

Winning such an enormous amount of money has always been a pipe dream. We’ve regularly played the lottery, put the football coupon on and been to the bingo but never won anything big. I once won a £300 John Lewis voucher but that doesn’t count. A lottery win is hugely thought provoking and over the years, our answers to the question have changed quite considerably.

In our child-free twenties, I would have blown the lot on holidays, a 4×4 land rover and a fast sports car whilst my husband would have bought a share in his favourite football team and quit his job in teaching to develop his passion for web design.

These days we like to think we would be a lot more sensible. Here’s what we would do if we won a million quid;

  1. Pay off the mortgage and existing debt = £150,000
  2. Give our Parents some cash to retire with = £200,000
  3. Give our siblings and extended families a stash of cash to enjoy = £100,000
  4. Buy our forever home (4 bedrooms / gardens / drive / garage / ensuite, nothing too fancy) = £350,000
  5. Deposit a lump sum in Olly’s bank account for when he’s 18 = £50,000
  6. Take a long holiday around the world visiting Australia, New Zealand, The Maldives, The Bahamas, Canada, New York and California to name just a few places = £20,000
  7. Go on a huge shopping spree = £10,000
  8. Get all our families together for a huge party = £10,000
  9. Quit my day job and enjoy being a stay at home Mum = free
  10. Save the rest and live off the interest

I’d like to think we would make investments with the money that would make our lives more comfortable. Our current home is too small for our needs, we hate parking on the street and we have no (grassy) garden for Olly to play football in. We don’t need new cars but having the freedom of money to enjoy things that are currently out of our reach would be a real luxury.

Making savings for Olly’s future is important to us too. With tuition fees already extortionate, it’s unbearable to think what the cost of education will be even in ten years time, let alone fifteen. Of course, that’s if he even wants to go to university. He might just want to go travelling, buy a car or get his foot on the property ladder. Being able to help him financially would be hugely satisfying.

We can dream and I guess if we want to win the lottery, we best start playing it! What would you do if you won a million pounds?

*Collaborative post*

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  • Reply Tiffeny Brown 22/06/2016 at 5:27 am

    Really enjoyed reading this post as it’s something I’ve often thought about too! Here’s how I’d spend mine:
    1. Pay off existing debt = £5,000
    2. Give to my loved ones = £250,000
    3. Donate to charity = £50,000
    4. Buy my first house = £250,000
    5. Open an animal rescue = £50,000
    6. Shop shop shop! = £25,000
    7. Cosmetic surgery & tattoo removal = £25,000
    8. Driving lessons & car = £71,000
    9. Go on holiday = £10,000
    10. Save the rest & live off the interest :)

  • Reply A Cornish Mum 22/06/2016 at 9:59 am

    I love the if we won the lottery game…. we have neighbours that are a complete pain in the bum, so number one for me is to move somewhere where we have no neighbours, out in the country with a swimming pool…. ah if only ;)

    Stevie x

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