Remembering those precious firsts


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Four years and one week ago, I found out I was pregnant with Olly. I remember the moment as if it was yesterday, I’d got upset at work as someone else had posted an announcement of their happy news of a bundle of joy on Facebook and it made me cry. I was far more emotional than I should have been so I took a test. Our hopes and dreams of becoming parents were coming true and we couldn’t believe it. After two and a half long years of trying for a baby, our time had come. We couldn’t wait to welcome a son or daughter into our lives, we were ready to become a family and we were so excited.

As with many expectant parents, I was wary about buying much for our baby until we had the all clear from the hospital at the midway point that we were indeed carrying a baby, and I just wasn’t imagining it and getting fatter. Our 20 week scan appointment came and after a thorough examination, we found out we were having a little boy. He was growing well with short legs, a round tummy and a big head, we were thrilled.  I couldn’t wait to go out and buy his first clothes, his first crib bedding and his first blanket, just for our precious little boy.

Comfort Pure Ultra Condensed

From that day onwards, I have loved buying clothes for Olly to wear. I absolutely loved buying little sleep suits, vests and rompers for him. They looked so tiny as I pre-washed them ready for his hospital bag and to fill up the empty drawer unit in his nursery. We have always used Comfort Pure to make sure his clothing is super soft and gentle on his delicate skin and more recently we’ve been using Comfort Pure Ultra Condensed which gives incredible softness from such a tiny dose. A little goes a very long way and every drop is a tiny dose of love ensuring my baby’s clothes are still super soft as they always have been.

I have such happy, fuzzy memories of my first few days of being Olly’s Mummy; bringing him home from the hospital in the snow, watching him sleep in his crib as I lay on the sofa (trying to sleep when the baby sleeps) proudly showing him off as friends and family popped in to meet the new arrival, holding him for hours taking in that newborn smell and feeding him in the dead of night when everyone else was fast asleep. I really treasure those moments.


I look back on the many thousands of photographs I took of Olly during those precious newborn weeks and they really make me smile. They’re not little for very long and those tiny clothes soon get replaced for larger versions. Luckily my memories of Olly’s newborn days won’t ever get replaced, my fondness for them will just continue to grow.

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