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Dressing a three year old is challenging. When they develop their own sense of style and have a particularly stubborn streak, picking out an outfit for them to wear for the day ahead is usually a battle. When House of Fraser got in touch recently and asked if Olly would like to take part in the #KidsDressKids I knew he would love the chance to take part and pick his very own outfit.

House of Fraser #KidsDressKids

Olly is a typical boy. He loves his jeans, casual t-shirts and hoodies. His style is very much a younger version of his Daddy’s and I happen to think they both usually look pretty good. Olly loves the colour blue and will almost always choose to wear jeans with a t-shirt. He’s got a comfortable sense of style and is rather practical, perfect choices for running about, enjoying football at the park and riding his scooter in the garden.

House of Fraser #KidsDressKids

The #KidsDressKids campaign showcases our little sweethearts style. House of Fraser challenged Olly to pick an outfit from a range of kids clothes on their website and see what items he put together for his. Here’s the outfit that Olly chose;

House of Fraser #KidsDressKids

Olly’s #KidsDressKids outfit

  • Sunglasses: Pumpkin Patch Beach Boy sunglasses for looking cool on those warm sunny days
  • Baseball Jacket: Converse Baseball Jacket for layering up his style and keeping warm
  • T-shirt: Converse White T-Shirt with Painted Sneaker Graphic for a pop of colour
  • Jeans: Smart straight leg jeans with pockets perfect for stashing coins, shells and stones!

House of Fraser #KidsDressKids

I was really impressed with what pieces Olly picked out. He’s not very adventurous with colour so I knew he wouldn’t have gone wild. We can’t get him to wear fancy dress so I knew he’s pick something pretty stylish. I love the t-shirt and the baseball jacket as they’re really him. He would wear them every day to playgroup and is something he would usually pick himself to wear.
House of Fraser #KidsDressKids
House of Fraser #KidsDressKids
I love Olly’s outfit. It’s very much an outfit that he would wear on a daily basis and although it’s rather blue, it’s one of his favourite colours so suits him.


House of Fraser #KidsDressKids
What do you think? Do you like the outfit Olly put together? Would your kids have picked something similar or would they have gone a little wild?


Disclosure: We were sent the products as shown in the photographs above for the purpose of this post. All words and images are my own. 

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