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A child’s smile is precious. It is the most wonderful thing to see whether it’s first thing in the morning or last thing at night, a smile can tell a parent so much. I remember seeing Olly’s smile for the first time, it literally melted my heart and over the last three years I have been blessed with seeing his little face light up and his pearly white milk teeth grinning back at me.


Good oral hygiene is important to me as a parent. From an early age, Olly has learnt how to use a toothbrush and has had regular dental appointments to check his teeth. So it came as a surprise to me that tooth extractions are the main reason for children to be admitted to hospital for treatment under anesthetic.

Introducing the Extra Smile Back™ Project

Wrigley’s Extra® has partnered with Action for Children charity and the Oral Health Foundation to promote the importance of protecting children’s smiles. Throughout the 23rd May until 16th July, the Extra Smile Back™ Project aims to educate children and families via workshops with practical skills how they can protect their oral health.

According to the latest research from the Extra Smile Back™ Project, pulling silly faces, playing hide and seek and other traditional methods of back-to-basics play remains the simplest way to put a smile on a child’s face.

Seeing Olly smile is an instant way of banishing all my bad day blues. Any parent will say the same. I love to sit and watch Olly playing with his toys. He’s at that age now where he’ll give his toy a name and then develop a little story through imaginative play. It really is amazing to watch the simple things in life bring pleasure to their little faces.

Book Cover

Wrigley’s Extra have created a children’s story book called ‘The Lost Smile’. It’s a story about a little boy’s family who have lost their smiles so he decides to try and find them.

We were kindly sent a copy of the book and Olly has enjoyed looking at the illustrations and us reading the book to him.


The Lost Smile book emphasises the importance of smiling to children and their families. A smile might be free, but they’re valuable so we should all use, value and protect them. The book also has some hints and tips for keeping your family’s teeth clean and healthy.

Did your child’s smile make you smile today? 

All profits from the sale of The Lost Smile will be split between the charities Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation. For more details of the project and to purchase a copy of The Lost Smile visit

Join me for a Twitter party with Tots100 and Wrigley’s Extra on the 25th May and tell us all about what you do to make your child smile! Join the party using the hashtag #SmileBack between 1-2PM and you could win one of five £25 John Lewis vouchers.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Wrigley’s Extra® written on behalf of their Extra Smile Back™ Project which launches today.

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