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*This is a collaborative post with Dream Lodge Holidays

If you’ve got a dog, taking family holidays can always seem like a bit of a logistical nightmare if you can’t take your pet with you. There’s worries about who can look after them when you’re away, will the pet behave for the sitter, is the person looking after them going to walk them every day, what if they escape? All these fears are pretty normal when there’s a family pet to consider.

Mikey in Norfolk

For many years, we had a gorgeous West Highland Terrier dog and he was our pride and joy. We had Mikey before we had our three year old so he was our fur-baby. Whenever we thought about going on holiday, we would always have to consider Mikey first. Could we take him with us? Is the accommodation pet friendly? Would we have to go camping instead of staying in a bed and breakfast or a chalet?

Luckily for us, our families were happy to help out and look after him for weekends here and there when we couldn’t take him away with us but there are many pet friendly holiday accommodation companies out there that readily accept pets on your family holiday.

Dream Lodge Holidays believe that pets are very much a part of the family and should enjoy some time away from home too. They’ve created a fun quiz for your pets to take to find their perfect holiday getaway from 8 holiday parks around the UK.

We have many happy memories of taking Mikey away with us. We used to love long walks on the beach, watching Mikey dodge the waves and watching him attempt to drink from rockpools and not liking it. He was such a fabulous companion on holiday and our memories will stay with us forever.

To find out where your dog fancies going on holiday, you can take the quiz here.

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