Seven cooking essentials for weightloss

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Losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult. If you stock your kitchen with the right cooking essentials, you will be less likely to order food or eat out, which will give you more control over what you eat. Make your kitchen a healthy-eating paradise by stocking it with these seven cooking essentials, and you will be on your way to losing weight.

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Buy a New Knife Set

If your knives are old or not sharp, consider buying a new knife set. Having nice, sharp knives may encourage you to cook more because of finding new joy in the preparation. If you want to lose weight and be healthier, cutting up fruits and vegetables to cook or snack on is one way to accomplish that goal. Amway has a selection of quality knives and knife sets that will make cooking a pleasure.


If you don’t like cooking every night, Tupperware may be your answer. Many people like to cook all their meals on the weekends, then freeze and defrost them throughout the week so they aren’t tempted to order pizza just because they don’t feel like cooking. You can also cook your meals to take to work so you don’t end up eating lunch out every day. Even if you don’t do these things every day or night, doing them several times a week can help you control your eating and thus your weight.

A New Fruit Bowl

It’s amazing what people will reach for when it’s convenient. Make sure you have healthy snacks and food in your line of vision by placing a fruit bowl in your kitchen and keeping it stocked with your favorite fruits. Then you will grab those fruits instead of being tempted to grab something unhealthy from someplace else.

Healthy Oils

If you cook often, then you undoubtedly need some oil or butter to cook your food, but many people don’t think about the amount or types of oil they cook with. Keep healthy oils in your kitchen to avoid using shortening or butter when you make your next meal. Olive and canola oils are healthy choices, as are corn and safflower oils. You can also step it up by buying an oil mister to limit the use of calorie-dense oils in your cooking.

A Spice Rack

One of the complaints people have about eating healthy food is that they think it can’t taste good. Buy a new spice rack to accessorize your kitchen, and then fill it up with all the spices you can find. Spices can replace extra butter, oil, or heavy creams that fill the void for some people. Just be careful to limit the salts when you’re picking your spices, since some spices tend to be high in sodium. Garlic, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon are all essential spices to keep in your kitchen if you want to improve your diet.

Cooking Utensils

Keep your kitchen stocked with quality cooking utensils like a countertop grill and good pots and pans. If you have all the essentials in your kitchen to make cooking healthy food fun and easy, it will be harder to pick up the phone and order pizza or greasy Chinese food with your countertop grill staring at you. You will have no excuse for not making healthy meals at home.

Refillable Water Bottle

Water is essential to keep your body functioning well and to lose weight. You will be more likely to drink water if it’s affordable and convenient. Disposable water bottles are convenient, but the price adds up quickly, and they are not good for the environment. Buy some refillable water bottles that you can use over and over. If you don’t love the taste of plain water, consider buying an infuser water bottle, where you can throw in fruit, cucumbers, or fresh herbs to spice up your water.

If you have everything you need to cook healthy foods and live a healthy life, the weight will come off much more easily. Give yourself a head start to lose weight and set yourself up for success by keeping these cooking essentials in your home.

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