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A few weeks ago, I introduced you to a new app that I was using on my phone called Tengi. It’s a new way for friends and family to communicate with each other and I’ve been using the app with my fellow #Tengibloggers over the last few weeks and this is how we got on.

Tengi app

Chat to win with Tengi

The major perk of downloading and using the Tengi app on your phone is that the more you chat to your contacts, the more tickets you accumulate into the weekly prize draw. For every contact in your phone book that joins Tengi, you get more tickets for the draw. Additionally, every day you use the app, you are given more tickets for the weekly draw.

The weekly draw takes place on a Friday evening and in our first week of using the app, one of our group of #Tengibloggers won £5 which she was able to transfer direct into her bank account. Nice!


Send photos, videos and locations

As with most chat apps, you can share photographs and videos to your friends using Tengi. Over the last couple of weeks, the #Tengibloggers have been sharing photographs, jokes and motivational pics and I’ve found it fascinating how all our lives combine blogging with such busy and varied lives. One of the group was out of the country, a couple were away on holiday, I was at work and some were spending time at home with their families.

#Tengibloggers chat

I was able to catch up on the chat after a day at work as I had over 150 chat notifications on my phone. That’s the beauty of the app is that you can catch up when you’re able to and join in. It’s worth noting you can turn on or off the chat notifications for a particular chat which I did for the #Tengibloggers chat group when I was at work but left the chat notifications on for the chat I was having with my husband.

Any draw backs?

The app does have advertising on it which can be a bit of a nuisance but to be honest, I just ignored the adverts if they weren’t relevant and continued my chats with family and friends.

I can’t be certain about the app draining my battery (I use an iPhone 6s) but it was a bit of a coincidence that after catching up and joining in with all the chat with the #Tengibloggers my phone battery did reduce considerably. I’d recommend shutting down the app every evening to stop it draining the battery life.

I’m still using Tengi and have my fingers crossed for this weeks prize draw. Tengi is available to download for free on iOS and Android platforms and if you download the app make sure you use voucher code BLOG so they know where you heard about it first!

Disclosure: This blog post is part of a collaboration with Tengi, all views and opinions are my own. 

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