Meal Planning Monday 2nd May 2016


meal planning monday

I love bank holidays. I don’t particularly love wet bank holidays but the opportunity of a day off the normality of the working week is great. As we’ve been away this weekend, we’ve got a food shop booked in to arrive later this evening. We don’t get chance to do any food shopping at any other time of the week so we’ve planned our meals and bought some of the essentials to get us through the week.

After a weekend off plan (I’ll be writing more about this epic self-sabotage attempt later this week) I’ve been reminded by hubby that we only have four weeks until we head off to Spain so I need to get my act together and make a difference over the next four weeks.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week;

Griddled Gammon steaks, actifry chips and vegetables
Diet coke chicken and savoury rice
Heck Chicken Italia sausages, mashed potato and vegetables
Spaghetti Bolognese
Mayflower Chicken Curry and basmati rice

Lunches whilst we’re at work will be salads packed with speed foods, pickles and chopped ham. I think the soup maker might have to go back in the cupboard for a while as I’ve heard the weather will be picking up this week. Breakfasts will be 35g of Fruit and Fibre with added fruit and a splash of milk or an Activia 0% fat free yogurts with fruit.

I’ve ordered a book about eating foods that compliment PCOS and I’m waiting for that to arrive. Some of the snippets of the book recommend 3 pieces of fruit throughout the day and no more than 6 eggs throughout the week. I do need to add some fish into my diet too but I’m never that keen. I’ll know more when I get the book but I’m hoping to pick up some tips to limit the effects of how the condition affects my weight.

Have a good week everyone!

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  • Reply Kim Carberry 02/05/2016 at 6:36 pm

    Everything sounds great!
    We had the Diet coke chicken last week for the first time and loved it x

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