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Hopefully this time next year, we’ll be in a position to make serious plans to move house. We live in a two bedroom terraced house with no off road parking and a small back yard. Over the years, the house has served us well and we’ve slowly been able to make improvements to it by having the electrics re-done, all the windows double glazed and the kitchen re-fitted as well as repainting throughout and adding our touch to the place as we’ve gone along.

But this isn’t our forever home. We would love to live in a three bedroom home with a drive (and / or a garage) and has a back garden where Olly can run around with a football and enjoy the paddling pool in the brief glimpse of sunshine us Brits get to call summer.

As much as we love our current kitchen, we wouldn’t mind trading it in for a bigger space with a bigger sink and powerful chrome taps that make washing up a breeze. The dream is to have plenty of worktop space for preparing food and making drinks without having to de-clutter the kitchen first.


I would absolutely love a laundry space. I always try to get the washing done during the week so we don’t have to worry about it on a weekend so having a laundry would be amazing. I love how seriously the Americans take their laundry rooms. I follow Jen’s blog IHeart Organizing and she has the most amazing projects on there, I seriously need this lady’s style. I love her home organisation posts including this one for her laundry.

We’re quite lucky with the size of our bathroom, although we only have the one. We would love an en-suite or a downstairs toilet. Our ideal main bathroom would have a walk-in shower with a luxurious shower head that completely drenches you. We would still need a bath as Olly loves a good bubble bath but a grown up space for a relaxing soak after a busy day would be perfect.

We would love three bedrooms. One for hubby and I, one for Olly and one for a spare guest room or if we’re lucky enough to have another child, that would be their bedroom. When we have family over to stay, they end up sleeping on the day bed in the dining room which is fine but it would be nice for guests to have a bit of privacy and not worry about being woken by someone needing a drink in the dead of night.

A dining room is a must for us. We always eat dinner together of an evening and this is something we are keen to continue. At the moment our dining room serves as a multi-functioning room, it’s where we eat, sit down to watch television and Olly plays with his toys. I had to sell my beautiful sideboard in place of Ikea storage so I would love to get another one at some point in the future.

playroom 3

In my dreams, we’d love to be able to live in a little village where it’s just a short stroll to the local school, a local bakery and maybe a pub where everyone gets to know each other and children can play outside on the green until the sun sets on a hot summers day. Ah well, I can dream…x

What would be on your dream home wishlist? 

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