Fun Travel Facts From Around The World

Travelling isn’t always for everyone but, once caught, the travel bug can really change a person’s life. Famous landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Statue of Liberty, Alcatraz and Big Ben all have compelling, intriguing and obscure histories, and there’s a lot that can be said about natural phenomenons too. Travel opens up your mind to these fun facts, which may otherwise go unknown.

We’ve put together five of our favourites, which will certainly inspire you to hop on a plane and see the world.

  1. The Origin Of The Arc de Triomphe

    After Napoleon vowed to his soldiers that they would return to Paris under “triumphal arches” following their Battle of Austerlitz victory in 1805, he began building the Arc de Triomphe. The iconic monument was not finished until 1836, 15 years after his death. Today, it’s the focal point of most state funerals, and coffins pass beneath it. The names of 588 French generals line the inside of the walls, as does a list of Napoleonic battles.

  2. The Impossible Las Vegas

    It would take someone 288 years to spend a night in every Las Vegas Hotel room, which is pretty mind-boggling. Futhermore, the city has 15 of the world’s 25 largest hotels by room count on the Strip, and the average number of pillowcases washed daily at MGM Grand is 15,000. Wowzers.

  3. Mount Everest’s Just Not Giving Up

    The beautifully snow-dusted peak that is Mount Everest is 29,000 feet high, making it the highest point on the planet. Unbeknown to many of us, however, is the fact that it’s actually still growing at an estimated 4mm a year, due to tectonic plates. So if you were planning to climb the beast, we recommend you do it sooner rather than later, before the challenge really does get too tough.

  4. The Statue Of Liberty’s Former Years

    A lot of us know that Lady Liberty was a gift from France, acting as a reminder of freedom. But what you may not know is that the president of the time, Grover Cleveland, thought the statue would be best as a light source. After some hit-and-miss wiring attempts, it finally worked as a lighthouse. But for only 16 years. It was later deemed an unfit way to treat the symbol.

  5. The Great Wall Of China’s Ghastly History

    You can see it from space and it took over 1,700 years to make, but did you know that it’s also known as the largest cemetery on earth? This is because over one million people died constructing it. Despite the danger, construction was ordered to continue with each Dynasty that came to power, so more lives were lost throughout the whole process.

Have you discovered any interesting facts on your travels? What’s been the one to intrigue you the most?

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