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*This is a collaborative post with SunLife

I really love to see children getting creative. It’s a great way for them to express themselves, draw out what’s on their mind and practice all those fine motor skills that will be essential in later life.

Olly drawing 2

Mummy and Daddy (totally claiming I’m the hourglass figure on the right *wink*)

Olly loves to sit down at our dining room table with a fresh sheet of plain white paper and a box of crayons. He loves to draw. He loves to see colour on the page and often uses all the different coloured crayons from the set within his pictures.

He mainly draws people with big heads, little limbs and big smiles. Some have hair, some don’t. Some have clothes on, some don’t. Mostly they’re all very similar in character (think Minion and you’re half way there) and we can definitely tell his style of drawing.

Olly drawing

It’s wonderful to see although sometimes the picture doesn’t really look like what he says is it and I guess that’s the beauty of a preschoolers interpretation of the world in which we live. They see things very differently to us and I have learnt a lot from looking at things from a child’s perspective.

SunLife recently challenged a group of preschoolers to draw some well known celebrities. The biggest challenge is for us parents to interpret their style and decide on who the charaters care. There’s some well known names in the mix including The Queen, David Beckham and Harry Styles. I took the quiz and got 7 answers out of 9 correct, not bad eh?

Drawing One

Can you guess the well known British politician by Skye aged 4?

To be honest, I was really impressed that a four year old knew who David Cameron was and what Kim Kardashian looked like. I know Olly wouldn’t have a clue. You can test your children’s celebrity drawing interpretation skills here, did you get them all right?

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