A family visit to our local Ember Inns


Ember Inns, The Bell

I always enjoy pub food. It is nice to not have to cook (or more specifically, not to have to wash up and clean up afterwards!) and I never need any persuasion if it is suggested.  We do however lack decent eating pubs around by us, and although there are a few places to try, nowhere locally has grabbed us and made us return again and again.

Ember Inns, The Bell

We naturally end up making a journey to a pub for food, and so when we offered the chance to review food and drink at an Ember Inn, it gave us some welcome choices for a few hostelries that we hadn’t visited in a while.  It was a good chance for a bit of nostalgia for me too, as I used to work at an Ember back in my university days, so it was interesting to see just how the chain had progressed.

Pale Ale

We had been invited primarily to give their new pale ale a try, and also to have a two course meal.  I am a bit of a fan of ale, and although my usual tipple is mild or dark mild, I was more than happy to sample the Pale Ale, which was brewed by the Black Sheep Brewery.  I began with a pint of the ale prior to my meal, and the first few sips were very pleasant.  It is quite a smooth drink, not too harsh a taste, and is perfect to accompany food.  I don’t really enjoy drinking alcohol at the same time as eating as a rule, but this ale was very pleasant.  As it was a lot milder than I anticipated, I very much enjoyed it, and I had soon finished the first pint in no time.

Ember Inns Pale Ale

I ordered a second pint, and it went down as easily as the first.  The ale is not heavy, and would certainly be recommended as a nice early evening pint where I would only want a couple of drinks.

I would certainly purchase the ale again, and I will look out for it on tap next time we happen to be eating in an Ember Inn.

The Food

We do enjoy eating out and was pleasantly surprised at the menu options available at our local pub. Emma ordered the seasonal favourite, Caesar Salad with grilled chicken which came with garlic flatbread sticks.

Chicken Caesar Salad

I was rather taken by the sound of the Surf n’ Turf pub classic from the menu which when it arrived was really well cooked and really tasty.

Surf n Turf

Olly isn’t very adventurous when it comes to eating out but was pleased to see that sausage and mash was available on the childrens menu. We were really impressed with the size of the children’s plate of food. Plenty there for Olly to enjoy and although he did leave quite a bit, the portion would happily be enough for the hungriest of children.

Grilled sausage wheel

The food was well cooked, bought out to the table hot and was really well seasoned. We all really enjoyed our main courses and would be happy to try more from the menu in the future.

We ordered desserts; Belgian chocolate brownie for me, mini Eton Mess for Emma and Olly had a bowl of ice cream.

chocolate brownie

The Belgian Chocolate Brownie was really nice. It was served warm, a little chewy in the middle and topped with ice cream and chocolate shavings. A real luxurious pudding and a great sized portion too.

Mini Eton Mess

Unfortunately the Eton Mess wasn’t really to Emma’s liking. There was a certain lack of strawberries which was disappointing as they’re one of the main components of the dessert and featured cream quite heavily. Not really the light summery dessert she had hoped for.

Olly finished off his meal with a child’s portion of chocolate and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate shavings. A real child friendly pudding which was enjoyed.

Ice cream

We had a lovely evening at our local Ember Inns. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, the staff were pleasant and accommodating and the food was good. Prices are affordable and pose great value for money given the portion sizes. We will definitely be back at our local soon.

Do you have a local Ember Inns near to you?

Disclosure: We were invited to our local Ember Inns for a complimentary meal for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own. 

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