Why writing matters to me | National Stationery Week 2016


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This week I’m celebrating National Stationery Week. As a blogger, writing is hugely important to me. It’s my outlet, my way of being able to express how I feel, offloading, getting everything down and out of my head so I can digest it and get myself organised.

I’ve always been a writer. When I was younger, I had a couple of pen pals; a friend I had made one Summer camping with my Nan and Grandad in Derbyshire and a friend I made at a school residential when I was in Primary School. We used to write to each other every month and I loved to write to them. I used to buy all the pretty writing sets, the ones with matching paper and envelopes and I loved stickers. I can still remember the excitement I felt when I got home from school and my Mom told me that I had a letter waiting for me. I can only imagine that my pen pals felt the same excitement.

Today, I love writing letters, cards and notes. I’ve got a diary and although I don’t write any personal memoirs in it, I like to keep all my appointments and important dates in it to keep me organised. I am a huge post it fan. At work I will get through lots and lots of post its writing down my to do lists, phone numbers, important things to remember and urgent deadlines.

I’m the same with pens. I love a good pen. At school, I used a fountain pen and learnt how to use it properly. A skill unfortunately, I lost as I went to high school as my trusty fountain pen got replaced with the good old biro! You can’t really write pages and pages of an essay with a fountain pen, it’s just not quick enough.

Writing matters

We’ve encouraged Olly to start writing and although he’s only three, he can write his name and loves to write a shopping list with us on a Sunday. His shopping list is complete scribble but it’s all about encouragement. He loves to form letters and shapes and every week he’s learning more. Both my hubby and I love writing so it’s inevitable he will too no doubt and I can’t wait to encourage him.

Get writing

If you haven’t written a letter for a while, why don’t you sit down and write one? Putting pen to paper is a brilliant way to relieve stress, get those creative juices flowing and can help you express yourself.

Do you love writing? Who was the last person you wrote to? 

Stay tuned this week as I’ll be sharing some of my favourite bits and pieces of stationery with you including a couple of product reviews, why I’m starting a bullet journal and even a little stationery giveaway!


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  • Reply Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too 25/04/2016 at 10:33 pm

    My children’s school are running an extended writing campaign at the moment to encourage children to write more.

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