Get Organised Day | National Stationery Week 2016


I have always been a planner. I love writing down our plans, my jobs to do, when bills should be paid, family appointments, friends and family birthdays, any other important things I’m bound to forget if I don’t write it down!

I have two planners on the go at the moment with a third in the pipeline; my Bloggers planner, my Mums Office Diary (see below) and a notebook I’m slowly turning into a Bullet Journal.


My Bloggers Planner has been really useful for me to get my blog shiz together. I write down all the deadlines I’ve agreed with PR’s and brands as well as prompts for linkys and blog posts I want to check out. I’ve been joining in with several linkys for a while and although they don’t reap the comments or page views I had hoped for, they are great for finding new blogs and sharing our family adventures.

This planner allows me to record all my blog stats, follower numbers and other useful things that I note down on my media kit. I’ve been using it for four months and really like it.

My Mums Office Diary is always in my handbag and I use it for all the important dates and appointments for the whole family. I’ve been using an academic diary which is great for those of us who a) work in schools b) have family who work in schools and plan their life around term dates c) have kids. It has a great spread of empty boxes each week and you can give each member of the family their own column. I find it really useful and have loved using it this year.


Stock image courtesy of Mums Office

Stock image of the inside courtesy of Mums Office

My bullet journal is a work in progress. I love the idea of it and have been trawling pinterest and various other blogs for ideas. I’ll be sharing more on this later in the week!


My tools of the trade are my trusty BIC multi-coloured pens, Maped fine point Graph peps and Staedtler fineliner pens. I love these colourful pens. I like to write things down on the page that stand out and using vibrant colours lets me do this. I do love stationery!

How do you keep organised? Would love to hear how you stay organised and on top of things.


Disclosure: Thanks to BIC, Maped and Staedtler for these awesome samples. They’re my new faves!

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