Does sleep really make you happy?


I was recently asked if getting a full nights sleep can make me happy? You’d think as a parent of a three year old little boy who often decides to wake up at an ungodly hour or two several nights on the trot, that I’d be able to answer that question quickly and without hesitation. You’d be right! Of course, a full nights sleep makes you happy!

Olly asleep

Everyone loves sleep, well apart from my three year old it seems, but a full nights sleep of undisturbed rest can make the world of difference. I’m sure you’ve all heard the sayings about a good night’s sleep? If you sleep on it, things might look different in the morning. They’re right, a tired mind can fuel a tired, grumpy attitude. My hubby suffers from obstructive sleep apnoea so we know all about the effects of a rubbish nights sleep!

Bed Guru asked me to make a conscious effort to go to bed early for two whole weeks to make sure I got at least seven and a half hours sleep over night and to record my findings; how did I sleep? Did a full nights sleep make me happier? Was I a more pleasant person to others? Did I do any good deeds?

Week One

Luckily for me, Olly went to bed without any fuss. I managed to catch up on some work and by 9:30pm I was getting tired so headed upstairs for a wash and to climb in bed. The alarm goes off quite early during the week so knew I had to be asleep by 10:30pm to see the benefit of a full nights sleep.

A full nights sleep is amazing. I woke up feeling refreshed, positive for the day ahead and ready to tackle any hurdles that were in my way. I was in a pleasant mood, the world was good and despite the rubbish Spring weather, it was a good week.

Good deeds?

I like to think that generally, whether I get a full nights sleep or not, that I’m a pleasant person. I pretty much always say please and thank you, I reach up for jars of coffee that are too high on shelves for old ladies in the supermarket and I quite often lend someone twenty pence if they’re short at the checkout. I’m a nice person and I believe it’s important to be nice. Doing something small and unexpected can really make someones day, to them it might be a huge thing, you just don’t know.

Week Two

Since the second week of the ‘Get more sleep’ campaign, unfortunately Olly’s sleep took a turn for the worse and he’s been waking up at least two to three times a night ever since. I’ve even ended up sleeping on his floor (on an old cotbed mattress covered by my dressing gown) in a bid to get some rest. Being tired does make you grumpy, it makes your enthusiasm for life that little less bouncy and patience wears thin when your laptop doesn’t play nicely and your to-do list of freelance work is steadily growing!

Good deeds?

Even though I haven’t been getting a full nights sleep, I still think it’s important to be nice. I bought my friend some pretty floral notecards, I offered my friend a discount code to get some money off a jacket, I bought a hot drink and a treat for my hubby when we were at the services on the way home from Somerset. I sent my friend some flowers to welcome her newborn. Despite being tired I’ve still made the effort to be nice. It’s important to be nice.

What do you think? Does a full nights sleep make you a better person? What nice things have you done recently?

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  • Reply Mummy Pat 16/04/2016 at 11:59 pm

    We’ve just had our second baby and sleep is not what it was – or rather it’s more like it was three years ago when our first was born – but before I was too pregnant, I did the same: made sure I went to bed early and got my proper seven hours plus, and the difference was really noticeable. But now I’m back in the territory of bedside cots and night feeds for a while.

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