How to tell if you’re ready for your first pet


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If you’re a regular reader to my blog you’ll know that we once had a crazy but gorgeous Westie. Mikey was our fur baby and having had him in our lives for over 9 years, since we lost him last May, we have had a big westie shaped hole in our hearts. Having a pet is a big investment, not only financially but emotionally too. You have to welcome these animals into your everyday lives with big open arms and it really is like having another member of the family in the fold.


A lot of people are unsure where to go for their first pet. They’re either concerned that they will get the wrong kind for them, or they don’t know if they would be able to afford it. So, I’ve come up with these three main questions that you should ask yourself;

Will I be able to give them the attention they deserve?

This is hugely important. Not only is it vital to your pet’s mental and physical development that they receive the love and attention that they need, but it’s also important for you that you don’t have the wrong kind of animal for your lifestyle. If you have a 9 to 5 job and spend most of your time out of the house, getting a new puppy probably isn’t a good idea. They will tear your house apart with pent up energy and frustration – make sure that you can answer this question with a “yes”.

Can I easily afford it?

This is a pretty simple thing to answer if you know the kind of animal you want, but a lot of people I know are unsure of all the things you’ll need to pay for. The main things will be: food, water, toys, bed and living needs (such as a scratching post for a cat or litter tray), vaccinations, vet check-ups and pet insurance. If you can’t comfortably afford these, then you need to re-think the kind of animal you want. You can read more on this here.

Do I want a rescue animal?

There are thousands of animals that have to be put to sleep every day simply because there’s no longer room for them in a shelter. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, then you should seriously consider whether a rescue animal is right for you, because you will be giving a loveable animal the home it deserves.

However, rescue pets aren’t for everyone; there are a lot of animals that cannot be rehomed with children due to their nervous character, in which case you should look to organisations that only deal with registered breeders. For families like these, kennels registered with local authorities are the best places to look; they only deal with hand-picked breeders that they know are qualified.

So if you’re looking for puppies for sale in the UK for example, you’ll know that the parents of your adorable new puppy were fully vaccinated and well socialised, so your new family addition will be just as happy, healthy and well taken care of.

I hope these questions give you some peace of mind as to whether or not you’re ready for your first pet. We would absolutely love another dog in our home but right now it’s not the right time. We are still grieving over the loss of Mikey and trying for another baby. Maybe one day I’ll be able to persuade hubby to get another dog, fingers crossed!

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