Will you call your Mum this Mothers Day?


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I‘m sure you will have noticed, it’s Mothers Day here in the UK this Sunday, 6th March. Whilst I’ll be visiting my own Mom and Mother-in-Law with gifts and a card in hand, a recent study by TalkTalk Mobile has found that two thirds of mums with children over 18 would be happy with a video call or a text message rather than a card.

Mothers Day TalkTalkMobile

Luckily for both of us, my Mom and I have a close relationship and it’s one that I really cherish. I really couldn’t imagine not seeing her on Mothers Day but looking back over my later teenage years, I can’t remember if I was there to spend the day with my Mom or not but I would have definitely sent her a card.

Whilst Olly’s not old enough to have a smartphone (we’ll gloss over the fact that my three year old knows how to use my iPhone) I can believe the research that mums spend an average of 13 hours and 45 minutes a week on their smartphones communicating with their family.

My lovely Mom has been quite poorly this week and has been in hospital since last Sunday. I have been in constant contact with her, my Dad and my Sister  and we all certainly feel closer for having that regular contact throughout the day and safer in the knowledge that any one of us in only a phone call away.

Mothers Day TalkTalkMobileWe’ve also been able to keep the rest of the family informed via social media. I posted a status on Facebook on Wednesday evening that my Mom was in hospital and although some people will moan it’s not very private, it was a message that reached a large group of people who care about my Mom and will have saved the family from messaging friends individually with information about why they hadn’t heard from my Mom that week or why plans had to be cancelled.

In this digital age, it’s not surprising that we keep in touch with our family via our smartphones so this Mothers Day, if you’re not going to see your Mom for whatever reason, send her a text or give her a ring and have a chat.

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