How to make sure your kids aren’t spoiled


Those kids nowadays… Surely you’ve heard this statement at one time or another, especially from those of the older generation, often immediately followed by a shaking of the head. When one looks at it carefully, it’s actually a kind of lamentation over how spoiled our kids have become. Proper upbringing not only helps your children to become better adults, but contributes to their happiness later in life as well. It’s not unusual to make little concessions – when we give in to the whining, let chores go undone, buy them too many toys and treats… Et cetera, et cetera. But can we prevent it? And, even more importantly, can we “unspoil” the already spoiled ones? The answer is yes, of course! Read on to find out how to make sure your children are on the best way they can be:

  1. Look out for signs of spoiled behaviour

This should start as early as your child becomes self-conscious of the people and environment around him. If your kid is fond of throwing tantrums or making mean statements in a bid to get their way, then that is a problem right there. If they keeps hounding you and asking for things that you’ve already said no to, then you need to clip those “bad horns” before they grow longer and tougher! Don’t allow the child to act as if things need to be always done their way. Often such kinds of problems are connected to financial issues, so it’s important that you explain the importance of money to your kids. By living frugally and using coupons, which are easily available on the Internet at such websites as and can be used in multiple stores such as Target or Kohl’s, you should be able to show your children that money isn’t something that grows on trees so it’s silly to demand every sudden craving to be fulfilled.

  1. Be your child’s role model

Ask yourself: am I contributing to my child’s spoiled behaviour? Don’t expect your child to work hard if you don’t show any hard work yourself. Let him see you do it. Do you have respect for other people, or do you ever look down upon others? How do you address store clerks, waiters or servers at restaurants? If you want him to be polite in public and have good manners, then do it yourself, and your children will learn from you.

  1. Be the adult (and parent) you should be!

As a parent or guardian to your child, have you often found yourself making a rule only to retract it when your kid reacts to it negatively? Do you often threaten to punish your child but don’t follow through with it? Then you’re not being parent enough! Avoid empty threats and set the limits and guidelines on the kind of behavior you expect in your family. Set the path straight, define the roles and chores, make your expectations clear. Don’t give in to unnecessary whining, begging and complains. Most of all, remember to remain firm and faithful to your decisions.

  1. Teach your child gratitude and responsibility

Teach your children to earn it from an early age. Help them grow into responsible citizens of the world by showing them the meaning of gratitude, courtesy and responsibility. Don’t forget to  teach the properly manner words and phrases like “thank you” and “please”. One simple way to make your kids used to them is using them yourself, regularly – rather than shouting “go clean up your room now!” why not say “you need to go and clean up your room now, please?” Handle them the way you’re teaching them to handle you and other people out there.

It’s important to understand that the process of unspoiling your kid is gradual and takes time. Just like it takes time to spoil a child, it also takes time to teach him or her new moral values and better behavior. Be patient, remain consistent and stick to your guns… good morals guns!

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