4 perfect locations for watersport loving families


Watersports are enjoyed by many simply because they combine fun with invigorating exercise – that you definitely feel the next day! It’s the perfect pastime for families looking to introduce their kids to a new activity while on holiday, to keep them fit and healthy and ready to embrace the great outdoors, as well as improving their confidence in the water.

If your family loves nothing more than donning their swimming gear, grabbing a paddle board and getting out on the water, here are four locations you need to add to your future holiday list.

Jebel Ali Beach Hotel, Dubai 

Located on one of the largest stretches of beaches in Dubai, this location is an idyllic set up for the family with a strong penchant for all things watersport. The resort’s ‘Watercooled’ watersports centre is a RYA accredited training centre for those who want to try their hand at kitesurfing, sailing and windsurfing.

It’s not only a great resort for watersports though – it’s also ideal for families looking to relax between pulling on safety vests and hitting the waves. There’s a spa, 15 restaurants and bars to sample, and even a floating restaurant. Check out the tots too site for holidays at the resort.

Prasonisi Beach, Rhodes 

Considered a surfer’s paradise, Prasonisi Beach in Rhodes is great for families who want to encourage their kids to get into the sport. However, for those who may have very young children or members of the family who aren’t interested in surfing, the beach is actually split in two. One side of the beach features a completely flat coastline and the other half features a rolling swell with uniform breaking waves.

You’ll also see plenty of windsurfers in this location showing off their tricks along the long stretch of beach, and there are companies situated nearby that offer lessons for those who also want a go.

Lake District, UK 

If you’re not thinking of heading abroad you can still get your watersport fix in the UK. Simply head to the Lake District and indulge yourself in the plethora of sports available to try.

Head to Keswick and sign up for a paddle boarding session that will have beginners soon on their feet and navigating the cold waters of the lake district. You should also plan in a day of canoeing on Coniston water in extra wide boats, perfect for families trying their hand at keeping their boat afloat!

Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

If you are heading off for a luxury holiday in the Cayman Islands, you’ll discover a whole host of water sports to try your hand at as a family on Seven Mile Beach. However, instead of an adrenaline rush, you’ll discover the beach is the perfect location for scuba diving and snorkeling, with companies located up and down the strip ready to take you out into the water to see stunning marine life.

Take the family for a nighttime dive to the bioluminescent bay with the Seven Mile Watersports company who offer boat tours and truly memorable experiences in the water.

Try one of these four locations this year if you and your family are looking for your next big watersports holiday. Get active and have fun!

*Post in collaboration with Jessica Foreman

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