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Three years ago shortly before Olly was born, the hospital bag was packed and his car seat was ready and waiting for his arrival. We had heard that ISOFIX was the best way of making sure our little bundle was secure when out and about in the car so we bought a car seat that had ISOFIX fixings and we installed the car seat in my hubby’s car.

I wish I could have filmed us trying to put the ISOFIX car seat base in the car, it was hilarious. A heavily pregnant lady who couldn’t really fit in the back seat of a car trying to maneouvre the car seat base to see the green safety guides with her hubby who insisted that he was doing it correctly (he wasn’t) was hilarious! Luckily, we installed it correctly before the big day and was able to bring Olly safely home.

Since then, we’ve installed quite a few car seats into the back of our cars that have ISOFIX fixings so we’ve been able to get to grips with it. For so many though, ISOFIX is baffling! According to research from Britax, a global leader in child safety, over 40% of parents across Europe have never heard of the term ISOFIX or don’t understand what it is for.

Britax are all to aware that poorly installed car seats are a major contributor to child injuries in car accidents. ISOFIX technology can help combat this and Britax have released this new tongue-in-cheek video demonstration that shows ISOFIX is rather simple.

Please take a minute to watch the video to make sure you’re clued up on ISOFIX.

I’m delighted to be working with Britax again this year as one of their Mumbassadors and we’ll be sharing with you important news and research from the brand to make sure your little ones are safe when you’re on the road. Olly is currently testing out their new and improved ADVANSAFIX II SICT car seat so stay tuned for the review coming to the blog shortly.

Are you clued up on ISOFIX?


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