Review: Britax Advansafix II SICT car seat

Advansafix II SICT

As Britax Mumbassadors, we were lucky enough to be sent the Britax Advansafix II SICT car seat to review. As a busy family who like to get out and about, we do a fair bit of travelling around the country meaning it’s essential we have a safe and comfortable car seat in our car for our little man, Olly.

Introducing the Britax Advansafix II SICT

Before installation

The Advansafix II SICT is a Group 1/2/3 car seat suitable for children aged between 9 months and 12 years (9kg – 36kg). It’s a forward facing car seat which suits us just fine as although we have used a rear facing car seat in the past, Olly much prefers facing forward and is a happier traveller this way.

Loyal readers may notice that we reviewed the Advansafix car seat back in July last year. Since then Britax have released an updated version of the car seat with a couple of new features enhancing the protection of its users.

Flexible Side Impact Protection (SICT)

The Advansafix II SICT now features Flexible Side Impact Protection (SICT) which is a cup that fits to the side nearest the door providing an extra layer of protection in the event of a side impact accident. The cup is removable so will allow you to re-position the car seat on a preferred side in the car.

Advansafix II SICT

SecureGuard protection

The second new feature of the Advansafix II SIC is the SecureGuard attachment. This attachment is used when using your cars 3-point seatbelt and is intended for passengers weighing over 15kg. We haven’t used the SecureGuard as yet as we still use the 5-point harness with the car seat (and can safely do so until Olly reaches 25kg or the straps are too short for him to use). We did try Olly with the car seatbelt over him rather than the harness but he got really upset and didn’t like being in the car seat without the harness on. I know he’ll soon get too big to use the harness but at the moment, he’s safe and comfortable so we’ll continue to use the harness.

Image courtesy of Britax UK

Showing the seat with SecureGuard – image courtesy of Britax UK

The SecureGuard offers optimal lap belt positioning when using the 3-point seatbelt.  It ensures that the lap belt of the seat belt remains in the optimal position over the pelvic bones. This will restrict the injury to the child’s lower abdomen in the event of an accident.

Reliable safety features

The updated Advansafix II SICT has all the same great features of the earlier version of the Advansafix car seat that we reviewed back in the Summer.

It’s easy to install as it’s an ISOFIX car seat plus has a V-Tether anchorage point. We love ISOFIX as it helps provides reassurance that the car seat is installed correctly, the green indicators give peace of mind knowing that the car seat is attached directly to the car. This is the first time we have used the V-Tether anchorage point in hubby’s car as Olly’s previous car seats didn’t have this protection so it’s another element of security for us.

V-Tether Advansafix II SICT

The car seat has great side impact protection with its deep padded sides and performance chest pads as we would usually expect from Britax.

Front view

Apologies – someone was refusing to have his photograph taken!

We love that the Advansafix II SICT is a comfortable seat which has a multi-position recline which is pretty essential for us as Olly loves to fall asleep on long car journeys and if he’s a happy traveller, then us parents are too!

Other side view

The Advansafix II SICT is a great choice for parents looking to invest in a car seat that is going to last. This car seat is a multi-group car seat intended to last until the child is 35kg / 12 years. The headrest is adjustable and will allow the car seat to grow with the child.

Olly still has plenty of growing room left to use the 5-point harness but when it becomes uncomfortable for him (or he gets too big), we’ll remove the harness and adjust the headrest for him. A great car seat for little legs that become big ones!


The Britax Advansafix II SICT is available in seven different colour ways (we have the seat in Cosmos Black) and it retails at £210 which I think is a great price for a car seat which is going to last many years.

Disclaimer: We are Britax Mumbassadors and have been sent the car seat in exchange for review. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review.

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