Planning our forever home


When I moved into our current home, I was a graduate fresh out of university. I joined my then boyfriend, now hubby in the house and we only planned on staying for a couple of years. It was a stepping stone home, one that would get us on the property ladder and one that would be a great starter home for us both living together as a couple.

Fast forward twelve years and we are still here, in our two bedroom terraced house dreaming of a forever home. We love this house, it’s the first one we’ve ever owned and we’ve spent quite a bit of money on it over the years. When we first moved in we had very little money to renovate it. We could just about afford a pot of paint and a new pair of curtains and that was how it was for the first few years as we both got stuck into our respective careers to broaden our horizons and increase our annual salaries.

dreaming of a forever home

Our home isn’t our forever home. We would love to move to a bigger property with three bedrooms, a nice garden full of grass for Olly to play in and a drive for our cars. We currently have to park on the street outside our home which is frustrating as our neighbours can be inconsiderate with their car parking and we end up having to park houses away from our own home. We would love a garage but it’s not essential.

We would love to move house in the next few years but we know it’s not going to be easy. We need to try and build up our savings for a deposit for our forever home as our current property is in negative equity, all thanks to the recession that began just as we remortgaged our home when we got married and I became an official homeowner.

I know we are lucky to be homeowners, goodness we work damn hard for our mortgage and to be able to afford the regular redecoration and improvements that comes with owning your own home but we’re ready to move on. We want to plough our energy and future savings into our forever family home. We know selling your home can be stressful but we hope to only need to move once more into our forever home where we can grow our family and watch them grown.

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