5 ways to improve the safety of your home


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Your property doesn’t need to be Fort Knox to be safe to live in, but it definitely pays to spend some time improving the safety of your home to ensure everyone feel secure and comfortable at all times. Here are five ways to ensure the security in your home is of the highest order;

  1. Put up and test smoke alarms monthly

You might have had that tired old smoke alarm hanging in the kitchen for a few years now, but when was the last time you actually pressed the button and tested it was fully functional? Purchase several smoke alarms and fit these throughout your home then plan time in each month to go round the house, testing that they are still working.

  1. Invest in high spec locks

If your wooden front door is looking a little beaten up and the garage shutter is shaking ominously every time there’s more than a breeze, it might be time to invest in upgrades for these main access points in your home.

The front door should be replaced by a PVC version and it is recommended that you fit it with a deadlatch cylinder lock and a door chain. A door viewer is also a good thing to have installed, allowing you to see who is on the other side before opening. Your garage door could benefit from an upgrade with roller shutters from a trusted company such as SecurityDirect.

  1. Remove anything dangerous to small children and adults

Trip hazards, poisonous substances, medications – all these things should be kept high up and out of the way of small hands and greedy mouths. You should also check your electrical wiring, if you have pets ensure they haven’t chewed through anything and left cables exposed and for little ones ensure there’s no danger of a wire turning into a trip or even a suffocation hazard.

  1. Out of the house deterrents

When your home is empty intruders are more likely to break in to steal from you so it’s a good idea to improve your home’s safety with a few deterrents. A security camera – or even a dummy one – will put most thieves off, and so will a beware of the dog sign and a bright motion sensor light that comes on after dark.

Apps such as Hive can also come in handy. Not only do they allow you to switch on your heating remotely but you can also turn on lamps in the house if you’re going to be home late but want people to think someone is in the property. If you have a second car, leaving it on the driveway while you’re out of the house can also help.

  1. Be careful in the kitchen

The kitchen is the one room in the house where most injuries occur, from burns to trips and slips, it’s a warzone in there! There are a few changes you can make to ensure it’s a safe place to be, such as turning pots on the hob inwards so the handles aren’t sticking out and can be knocked over, not leaving dish towels on the side underneath hot plates where small hands can reach and pull them down or using different chopping boards for raw meat and vegetables to avoid cross contamination.

When improving the safety of your home ensure you check everything twice, invest in some techy solutions and think smart about keeping the house locked and secured around the clock.

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