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Although we are very much still in the depths of winter, we’ve had a bit of sunshine here in the West Midlands today and it’s made me think of the Spring Summer season and all the new clothes I can buy now that I’m a lot lighter than last year. Having lost just over five stone in weight and dropped 4 dress sizes, I’m really excited to be looking at all the new designs that are starting to appear in the shops and online.

We have a summer holiday booked to Fuerteventura and so I’m really looking forward to losing some more weight but trying on and buying a whole new summer wardrobe. With every pound that I’ve lost, I’ve become more confident in wanting to try out new dresses. Dresses can hide a multitude of syns but can also accentuate my more positive features!

Lyst is a website where you can create your wish ‘lyst’ by following your favourite clothing brands and finding particular pieces of clothing by narrowing down the huge selection using filters such as size, price and colour even designers and retailers. Although my budget for dresses is relatively small scale, I did allow my imagination to run wild a little and see what beautiful dresses came up when I allowed the price to be a little higher than usual.

Lyst also sends you emails when your favourited items are on sale so there’s no need to rush out to the shops as items can be bought online from the comfort of your own home. I do love online shopping, is it just me who hates feeling rushed and supervised when in a clothing shop?

These dresses are beautiful and would look wonderful for an evening out on holiday and even for the wedding we’ve been invited to in July.

Spring Summer Dress Wish Lyst

From top left clockwise:

Coast Knee Length Navy Dress £115 / Quiz Multicolour Black Floral Pleated Skater Dress £20 / Coast Lyon Print Calia Multi Colour Dress £149 / La Petite Rove Di Chiara Boni Sleeveless Boatneck Fit Flare Dress £738 (a girl can dream eh?)

I love being able to put all the dresses I like in a wish lyst. It’s really convenient and I can make as many lysts as I want for whatever occasion. I guess it’s a little bit like Pinterest for clothes and you’ve got the added functionality of being able to buy them online if you’ve got the pennies. What wish lyst would you create? Have you used Lyst before?

No doubt I’ll be posting my hopes and dreams of desired dresses in the near future as I stay on track for the Summer.

Post in collaboration with Lyst 

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