Meal Planning Sunday 4/2016

Meal Planning Sunday

What’s the saying about best laid plans? I had high hopes of getting lots of work done, catching up with blog posts that needed to be written with photographs edited, the works last night as my hubby had gone to his mates birthday bash and Olly had gone to bed. I smelt gas and knew something wasn’t right. I inspected the cooker and could hear hissing coming from somewhere but all the dials were turned off. I immediately shut down the main gas supply, opened all the windows and rang National Grid who sent out a very helpful man at 10pm last night to help a damsel in distress. I’ve got to say it was quite frightening as I could hear the gas hissing, smell gas quite strongly and then had visions of my house blowing up as I turned on the light. Really frightening especially as Olly was fast asleep upstairs.

Thankfully, the engineer isolated the gas supply making it safe but deemed the cooker unsafe as the gas was leaking from somewhere on the hob. So now we are cooker-less until Thursday as we’ve had to buy a new cooker (hurrah to a new cooker) Luckily we have plenty of ways to make meals this week, they’re just not meals we had planned for. We’ve got a slow cooker, soup maker, toaster, Actifry, George Foreman grill and a microwave to make full use of.

With that in mind, here’s what we are planning to eat this week..

  • Slow cooker jacket potatoes with baked beans / cheese / tuna mayonnaise
  • Gammon steaks with Actifry chips and salad
  • Soup; Scotch Broth and Leek and Potato Soup for me (guess who has the dentist again!!)
  • SW chicken kievs with salad and savoury rice
  • Grilled chicken, mushroom and pepper skewers with salad (and Actifry chips for the males)

We’ve also got a review dinner coming up at Brewers Fayre later in the week so that’s come at a useful time for us.

Lunches this week will be soups and salads for me (no boiled eggs though which is a shame – love my boiled eggs) with sandwiches for hubby and Olly gets fab lunches at his Grandparents house.

Breakfasts will be either overnight oats with fruit or yogurt and fruit with some sort of healthy extra possibly post grape nuts or weetabix.

I’m hoping for a good week on the scales this week, a girls got to try eh! As usual I’ll be sharing all my meals over on instagram for inspiration for others on the SW plan. I find it so interesting to see what other folk eat. I’m also a bit nosey! What are you eating this week?

I’m linking up with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday with Meal Planning Sunday.

Emma Shilton
Emma Shilton

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  1. 24/01/2016 / 5:18 pm

    Argh what a nightmare for you but ya for a new cooker, Enjoy your meal out x

  2. 24/01/2016 / 10:24 pm

    So glad it all turned out OK.
    Your meals sound scrummy.
    Do you recommend the Actifry we keep looking at them xx

    • 24/01/2016 / 10:33 pm

      Thank you Kara, so relieved it wasn’t as serious as it could have been. We love our Actifry chips but we just haven’t got round to cooking anything else in it. We really should but just don’t find the time to try anything else out in it xx

  3. 25/01/2016 / 1:00 pm

    Sounds scary – glad it all turned out ok in the end with the bonus of a new cooker!

  4. 25/01/2016 / 1:04 pm

    I’m sorry you’ve had such trouble with your cooker! I hope you can get it fixed soon. Great use of your other appliances though for this weeks meal plan to stay on track. We’re following the SW Extra Easy plan too and love the variety. Your plans help to inspire me when I’m feeling a bit stuck in a rut! x

  5. 25/01/2016 / 1:11 pm

    I need to invest in an Actifry I think as Slimming World chips just never taste like chips when I make them!
    Mmm chicken kievs – may need to try these myself :) Have a lovely week xx

  6. 25/01/2016 / 2:05 pm

    Ah no how scary about the cooker but so great that you can still make lots of tasty meals without it while you are waiting for the new one! I’m just about to look up slow cooked jacket potatoes as I’m intrigued!

  7. 25/01/2016 / 2:15 pm

    Oh no how awful! It must have been so scary, but I am pleased it has been sorted and definitely hurray for a new cooker! I have never tried slow cooker jacket potatoes, but what a fab idea. Hope you have a good week and enjoy your new cooker on Thursday x #mealplanningmonday

  8. 26/01/2016 / 3:12 pm

    Oooh, I would love a new cooker… although not in those circumstances to be fair. Glad you noticed it though. :)
    I hope you enjoy your meal out and using your new cooker when it arrives! :)

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