What’s your Oooops Moment with lights by TENA?


Last month I was invited down to London to attend an event with TENA. Unfortunately I couldn’t make the event but the very kind PR team offered to send me a Girls Night In Kit packed with goodies that would encourage me to share my Oooops moments with my nearest and dearest.


Lights by TENA are encouraging women across Britain to open up and share their Oooops moments with their pals. According to their latest survey, the most common uh-oh moment is sending a text to the wrong person (I’m sure we’ve all been there!) followed by forgetting someone’s name when you meet them in person and finding out you’ve got food stuck in your teeth when in company.

I will always remember making a complete idiot of myself unintentionally the first ever Christmas I spent with my hubby’s family. We were playing a family board game on Boxing Day and I asked the family to name 3 occupations to do with ears. The family spent the next five minutes trying to come up with the occupations for the board game and then I re-read the question and was totally mortified that I had mis-read it. It had said cars, not ears! I hadn’t even had a drink so couldn’t use that as an excuse but it was just really funny (one of those you had to be there moments!) but everyone had a good giggle at my expense!

Tena oooops moments

It’s more common than we think; having a good giggle with your mates, laughing uncontrollably at each other and experiencing light bladder weakness. Luckily, lights by TENA are specifically designed for the one in two UK women who experience this. Lights by TENA Ultra Towel absorbs twice as fast as normal Ultra Towels meaning you don’t need to worry about any mishaps or oooops moments and have complete peace of mind.

Have you had any Oooops moments? Would you dare to share?

Thanks to TENA for sending me the Girls Night in kit, what a lovely pamper treat! 

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