What to consider when lighting up your living room


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At this time of year, it’s inevitable that we need to put the lights on around the home more frequently. The dark mornings and early nights make us reach for the light switch so we can carry on with our usual daily routine and having good quality lighting in the home is essential for our health and safety and can really affect our moods.

One of the rooms we use the most in our home is our living room. I’ve written before about how our living room needs a good revamp. It’s one of the rooms that we haven’t really touched since we moved in aside from an initial refresh of the paint on the walls and laying a new carpet but it needs a lot of work doing to it before we can get another coat of paint on the walls and get the room looking how we have always wanted it. We need to strip off the awful wallpaper that we lazily painted over and we need to re-plaster all the walls and get rid of the awful artex on the ceiling that was there when we moved in.

Our living room has a beautiful coving around the top of the walls which I want to keep and as we have quite high ceilings and we want to be able to make the most of the space by lighting up the room. There’s a great selection of lighting options available for living spaces from Lampcommerce.

Consider main ceiling lights

Using the main ceiling light in the living room is often overlooked for more subtle and relaxing wall lights or table lamps. The main ceiling light in our room is at present, a single bulb light that is bright but completely unsuitable for the long term. We need a stylish ceiling light that offers both good light coverage for the room and looks great. The Artemide Tolomeo range has plenty of options for ceiling lights including diffusers that make the light bounce off the walls offering the perception of brighter ceilings, which is great for rooms with high ceilings.

Access to sockets


Once the main ceiling light is considered, you might want to look at how many access points you have around the room for table lamps or floor lamps. Table lamps are great for adding warmth and light to a particular area of the room, perhaps when you’re reading a book in the armchair or perhaps on your laptop on the sofa.Lamp Commerce - Socket Table Light

Floor lamps are also a good option for adding light in the room without using the main ceiling light. There are so many heights of floor lamps available it really depends on what brightness you need in the room as to what size you pick. We use a tall floor lamp to add light to the sofa area of our living room which is great for when we’re watching the television and playing board games with Olly. It’s really cosy and perfect for the winter.

Statement lighting

Lamp Commerce - Statement

There’s lots of lighting options that really have the wow factor and can offer great lighting for your living room. Whether it’s a statement light that looks like a piece of art or a table lamp that offers style and matches your new décor, there really is lot’s to consider.

With the living room being one of the most used rooms in the house it’s really important to make sure the lighting in the room is perfect for you and your family’s needs. I can’t wait to make a start on the revamp of the living room in the new year.

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