Tips for staying warm and cosy this winter


As we rapidly head towards Christmas, it won’t be long until the weather turns and the snow, ice and wintery weather will be forecast but life must go on. We can’t all stay at home tucked up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and the heating on so here are some top tips on how to stay warm this winter.

  • Wear layers – with the weather being so unpredictable, layer up. Wear thin layers on top of each other to build up a warm barrier against the chill which is easy to remove if you get too warm inside or out.
  • Wear good boots – If it’s icy outside, you’ll want to wear a good pair of boots to keep your feet cosy and warm. My favourites are Ugg boots (available here from M and M Direct) which are lined with Twinface Sheepskin and Uggpure wool, your feet will thank you on a frosty morning when you’re scraping the frost off the car.
  • Wear a hat – whether you’re facing a hard days graft outside or you’re just catching up on the Christmas shopping, you’ll want to stay as warm as you can for as long as possible. As we lose most of our body heat through our heads, it’s essential to wear a hat to try and retain as much as you can.
  • Stay active – we all know how cold it can get if we’re sitting still, so keep active with regular short walks to put the kettle on or stay on top of the jobs around the house. Keeping active will keep the blood moving around your body keeping you warm this winter.
  • Eat a warm meal – eating a warm meal throughout the day will help you stay warm and ward off the chill. Eating cold foods can often multiply the feeling of the nip in the air so enjoy a bowl of hot soup or a bowl of porridge to give you energy.

Whatever you’re up to this December, stay warm and stay safe there’s so much to enjoy!

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