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Toddler Christmas

Christmas to a nearly three year old is a magical thing, there’s so much going on with the Christmas tree, the decorations around the house and the mention of Santa is enough to get a toddler rather giddy. When we asked Olly for some pointers for his Christmas gift list for Santa, he asked for cars and a spaceship. Luckily, we started our Christmas shopping back in July and have been stashing gifts here, there and everywhere around the house to surprise him with on Christmas Day.

We haven’t spent a fortune on gifts this year, we’ve spread the cost and have taken advantage of sales and offers and if you’ve not started your Christmas shopping yet, you’ll be able to get some bargains as I’ve seen lots of great prices on some of the items in this gift wishlist.

Here’s what’s on Olly’s Christmas wishlist this year;

The Good Dinosaur Remote Control Arlo – Olly is a big dinosaur fan and has been asking to see the dinosaur film at the cinema. This remote control toy is a great size and the remote control will bring Arlo to life sparking imaginations in all lively toddlers.

Disney Pixar Talking Mack and Die-Cast Set  – As a Cars superfan, Olly is a huge Mack fan and will happily spot similar transporters on the motorway. This Talking Mack and die-cast set is brilliant value as it includes 10 die-cast cars as well as the huge familiar Mack transporter.

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Duplo – At his Grandparents, Olly plays with all the Duplo that me and my sister played with when we were little nearly 25 years ago. We wanted to add some modern pieces to the exisiting Duplo and this Jake and the Neverland Pirate set is perfect for that.

Big Racing Car jigsaw – Olly is a huge jigsaw fan and we encourage him to screen free time by sitting quietly with a jigsaw. He’s so clever with them and he loves the challenge. These Orchard Toy jigsaws are engaging and lots of fun.

Rocket Cushion – Olly recently asked for a spaceship for Christmas and this rocket cushion is ideal. He’s got a spaceship at his Grandparents (one of his Daddy’s ‘vintage’ toys) so we didn’t want to get him another one.

What’s a Christmas book – We have bought Olly a new book for his Christmas Eve treat box and loved the look of this book with cheeky looking penguins on the front. We recycle the Christmas books and put them away after Christmas so he can enjoy them again next year.

Buildin’ to Learn Workshop – Like any toddler, Olly just wants to help his Daddy with jobs around the house so this workshop is fantastic to let his imagination run wild and get some practice in for future DIY jobs.

What’s your toddler asked Santa for Christmas? Would love to hear what your little ones want to see under the tree

Thanks to George at Asda for partnering with me on this post

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