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As many readers will know, I’ve been making lots of changes to my diet and lifestyle over the last eighteen months most of which have been hugely beneficial to my weight, health and mental attitude. I was recently introduced to Optiwell as a new yogurt drink on the market and as a health conscious busy Mum, I was intrigued to see how it could fit into our lives.

Optiwell yogurt drink

Optiwell are encouraging the Great British public to make small changes in their diet and try their new yogurt drink as part of the change. Optiwell is a yogurt drink available in two different flavours; strawberry & raspberry and peach & apricot combining fat-free yogurt with fruit juices. There’s just 64 calories in every 200ml glass making it a healthy snacking alternative when you’re feeling peckish. You can enjoy Optiwell on-the-go with a 330ml bottle or enjoy the 1 litre in-home cartons.

Optiwell yogurt drink

Optiwell is aimed at the UK and Ireland’s three million health-conscious women aged 25-40 who want to make small changes in their diet towards a healthier lifestyle. As part of that demographic, I’ve been trying the yogurt drink as part of my balanced diet and have enjoyed it. It’s a naturally sweet with no added sugar and fat free. I love that it contains calcium and is high in protein which keeps the hunger pangs at bay in between meals. I’ve been having Optiwell as part of my breakfast meal; teaming it with fresh fruit and a portion of cereal.

Optiwell yogurt drink

It’s not just me who has enjoyed Optiwell. My hubby has been taking the on-the-go bottles to school with him for a quick snack in between lessons. He doesn’t always get chance to put the kettle on during his usual working day in school so he’s been able to reach for the yogurt drink and it’s kept him going throughout the day. Celebrity Mum Holly Willoughby agrees that it’s hard to make the right choices when you’re rushing around but with Optiwell, she’s found the answer, “Optiwell – thank goodness!”

It’s not just hubby and I who have enjoyed the yogurt drink, Olly has tried it as part of a smoothie mixed with fresh berries and has really liked it. As a family, we’ll be continuing to buy Optiwell and would recommend it to all those who are wanting to make small changes in their diet.

You can find Optiwell in the long life aisle in major supermarkets including Tesco and Ocado.

Disclosure: Post in collaboration with Optiwell

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