Living Arrows 2015 – Week 51


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Khalil Gibran

I love this time of year. There’s family parties a plenty and Saturday was no exception as we went over to my Aunty and Uncles house for my cousin’s birthday party. It was a small family do which was lovely and it was nice to see my Aunty, Uncle, Cousins and Nan and Grandad as we don’t get enough time to see them throughout the year.

Even though my cousins are grown up and in their twenties now, my Aunty and Uncle have still kept the majority of their childhood toys which is perfect for when Olly and my nephew go to visit. Olly had heard a rumour that there was a train set which he would absolutely love so when there was a break in the festivities, Olly and my Uncle managed to sneak upstairs.

I found them both sitting next to the train set having a whale of a time. Olly is pretty much obsessed with trains, cars and planes so I knew I’d lost him for a good hour up there with my Uncle.

Living Arrows

What an amazing train set? It’s over twenty five years old but Olly absolutely loved it. I see a train set in our future somewhere.

Living Arrows

I love that the old toys are the best. Little ones don’t need all the fancy pants technology, they like something they can play with and let their imaginations let loose and watching Olly playing with the trains yesterday was so nice. He got so excited about the trains whizzing around the track.

As we drove home last night, Olly told us how much he had enjoyed spending time with the family which made me smile. It’s precious time with family that we can keep as memories and I can’t wait to make more of those this Christmas.

Living Arrows

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  • Reply Emma T 21/12/2015 at 10:22 am

    What a lovely photos. I bet his face was a picture watching the train going round. It is lovely when they can spend lots of time with family. N loves being with his cousins and aunts/uncles too

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