The changing landscape of Birmingham


Growing up, if anyone ever asked me where I was from I always said Birmingham. Truth be told, I didn’t live in Birmingham at all, I lived miles away in a small town in Staffordshire but no-one ever knew where that was so I always used the big city as my hometown for convenience. It had all the shops, lots of popular restaurants and all the big clubs that everyone at school used to talk about.

I fondly remember Birmingham in the 80’s and 90’s with it’s infamous rag market where my Mom used to buy all her dressmaking fabric from. She would drive into the City and park in the multi-storey car park next to the wholesale market. She would always have a huge list of fabric to get and would make her way around the market bargaining with the stall holders for a good price on her fabric. If we were lucky my Dad would come into Birmingham with us and we’d often go off shopping with my Dad ending up at the fish market asking for cockles and whelcks.. yuck!

The Birmingham we know today is a far cry from what it was even twenty years ago. There is no way my Mom would drive in to the City now as all the routes she used to take have been paved over and built upon. The familiar landmarks of my childhood are mostly gone with the rag market being replaced and the fish market demolished making way for the new and much improved Bull Ring. The Rotunda remains but is now used as luxury apartments rather than offices.

Bull Ring

The City has evolved so much it’s hardly recognisable but it’s most definitely improved for the better. The evolving cities map shows how much Birmingham has changed over the years. The new Grand Central is home to Birmingham New Street Train Station and having visited very recently, it’s an amazing building with popular shops, trendy eating establishments and coffee shops.

It makes me wonder what Olly will remember as we visit the City Centre and how it will change for him at my age. Having seen the developments, the change is most definitely for the better.

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