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A couple of weekends ago we drove down to London to visit the Discover Children’s Story Centre for an afternoon with Huggies Pull-Ups and their potty training expert, Amanda Jenner.

It was great to see the Huggies team again and meet Amanda who offered us some top tips to aid Olly’s potty training journey.

Story 10

Amanda has also written the storybook ‘George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties’ based on her own experience of potty training her own children so we were delighted that she gave us an exclusive reading from her book. She explained how exciting this time is for little ones and how we could make this time special and positive by letting little ones take ownership of their Huggies Pull-Ups and encouraging them to wear them whilst they’re potty training.

Amanda Jenner

Amanda Jenner

Story 4

Olly is learning lots on his potty training journey and will happily wear his Lightning McQueen Huggies Pull-Ups throughout the day. He will even sit down on the potty for most of his daytime wees which is huge progress. We have had a few accidents but they are to be expected. We’ve also got the support of his grandparents who have been hugely helpful in carrying on with potty training whilst we are out at work.

Amanda’s top tips for potty training

  • Take your little ones to choose their Huggies Pull-Ups themselves. Make a big deal of shopping for their special pants and let them take ownership of them.
  • Encourage your little ones to sit down on the potty when they need the toilet so make sure you’ve always got a potty with you. My Carry Potty is the only leak proof potty on the market so you can take it with you when you’re out and about.
  • If your little ones have a wee or a poo in their pull-up pants (which have the special blue learning liner that can help them understand wet from dry) don’t tell them off. They need to be encouraged and not feel like they have done something wrong.
  • Praise them when they have a wee or a poo on the potty, use a reward chart to help them feel brilliant and they’ll want to replicate the praise over and over.
  • Tackle daytime potty training completely then tackle the night time. If you try to attempt it all at once, it may be too much too soon!

We had a wonderful afternoon with Amanda and the Huggies Pull-Ups team picking up tips and sharing our experience to date.

Discover Childrens Story Centre

We were also able to enjoy the Discover Story Centre which is a fantastic place for children where stories come to life. There’s plenty to see, space for imaginations to run wild and a fantastic outdoor playground with a wooden pirate ship, a spaceship, a taxi and a treehouse to enjoy.

Discover Childrens Story Centre

If your looking for advice and support when potty training your little one head on over to the Huggies Pull-Ups potty training website.

Huge thanks to the Huggies Pull-Ups team and to Amanda for inviting us, sharing their advice and for our potty training supplies.

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