Preparing for Christmas 2015


Now that my birthday and bonfire night have been and gone, my attention is firmly focused on Christmas. It will be Olly’s third Christmas this year and one that is rather exciting. As an inquisitive toddler, he’s learning all about Christmas and what it means for him and us as a family. He’s already really excited about the prospect of seeing Father Christmas for breakfast in a couple of weeks and he has already mentioned a few hundred times what he wants for Christmas (thank you TV adverts!)


I’m really looking forward to sharing our traditions with him this year as he has more of an understanding what is going on. To kick off our festivities, we’re having a very exciting delivery in early December as Pines and Needles are delivering us a 6ft Christmas Tree. I absolutely love the smell of a real Christmas Tree and I cannot wait to get all the Christmas decorations down from the loft and let Olly hang a few baubles. You can get £10 off your very own Christmas Tree from Pines and Needles with the code SHILTS, you’re welcome!

We always decorate the tree and the house on the first weekend of December which nicely coincides with our annual family Christmas meal. We meet up with all of hubby’s side of the family and share a lovely meal at a posh restaurant and swap Christmas cards and have a really lovely catch up. The family is getting much larger now so there’s well over 30 of us but it’s such a lovely afternoon and one that we all really look forward too.

Christmas Book Advent

Last year instead of a chocolate advent calendar for Olly, I wrapped up 24 wintery and festive themed books and made him a book advent. It was a brilliant idea and he loved opening all the books. We still have all the books to read again for this year as I didn’t buy age appropriate books last year and I can’t wait to read them with him. I love the idea of making my own handmade advent calendar and filling it with little treats. Olly’s not much of a chocolate fan so I’d have to find some little bits and bobs to put in them but that’s all part of the fun. I love the count down and the anticipation. The excitement builds with every step closer and it’s such a joy to watch Olly’s face light up. I’ve been cross stitching an advent calendar for the past three years so maybe this year will be the year I finally get chance to finish it off.

I’ve still got a bit of Christmas shopping to do for the family. Olly and Hubby are both done and I’ve got ideas for the rest of our immediate family, I just need to sit down and plan when I can go out and buy everything. A few years ago I made some of my Christmas gifts and they were very well received. Unfortunately, I just haven’t got the time to make gifts this year but it’s something that I might work on throughout next year to get ahead.

We’ll be filling Olly’s Christmas Eve box with a few treats for him to enjoy. I’ve already bought him a new pair of festive pyjamas and have a book stashed away and I can’t wait to get out the mince pie tray for Olly to leave treats for Father Christmas.

Photobox Christmas

We’ve made our Christmas cards through Photobox this year and also made an annual Christmas photograph with a festive looking Olly on the front. I love receiving photographs from friends so hopefully our friends and family like ours too. Have you entered my giveaway to win one of three A4 calendars from Photobox? There’s still time to enter.

Can you believe there’s only 44 days left until Christmas? Best get my skates on!

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  • Reply Rachael Whitton 11/11/2015 at 2:31 pm

    Hi Emma
    What a fantastic idea doing a book advent.
    I did a Christmas Eve box for the first time last year for my 2 little monsters (i mean children lol) can i ask what books you have i really struggle on good books for Children.

    • Reply Emma Shilton 11/11/2015 at 7:02 pm

      Hello Rachael,
      I bought some of the winter books from The Book People, I checked their offers and saw what was suitable for toddlers and bought them in bulk online. It cost me less than £1 per book I think. I’d recall the names of the books but my son’s asleep in his room so won’t disturb him but there’s lots on the website to have a look at. Hope it helps x

  • Reply Donna 11/11/2015 at 8:30 pm

    I am just so excited for Christmas! It’s getting more and more exciting as the children get older and this year is just going to be so lovely x

  • Reply Stacey 11/11/2015 at 8:38 pm

    I love love love Christmas! We have a Christmas eve box too. Ours contain new Christmas eve pj’s, a sachet of hot choc and a biscuit and we watch the polar express, have done it since Elliott was born. My 2 are lucky enough to be meeting Santa in Disneyland Paris this year. Think I’m more excited than they are x

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