Make the most of your spare bedroom

A spare bedroom in the home can often provide a space for a multitude of uses, whether it’s a room full of junk, a guest room, an office, the children’s play room, a walk in wardrobe. Dependant on your family’s needs, a spare room can be transformed into a room with purpose and add value to your property.

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  • The children’s playroom – with clever storage solutions and accessories such as cosy cushions and seating, a playroom can be a den for the children to play all day. After a busy day of imaginative play, there’s no need to tidy up, just shut the door and the creativity of your children’s imaginations will be kept for another day.
  • A walk in wardrobe – instead of cluttering up your bedroom with all your tops, dresses and accessories, kitting out your spare room as a walk in wardrobe will add a touch of glamour to your morning routine.
  • A guest room – it’s a great idea to turn a spare room into a guest room so that family and friends can really let their hair down and get some quality time with the rest of the family. All you would need is a small double bed like these combined with a bedside table and a small wardrobe and your guests home from home is ready.
  • An office – if you’re working from home, you won’t want to keep the dining room table cluttered with paperwork and your laptop in dangers way from small inquisitive hands. A home office is a great way of keeping your job separate from the rest of the house, you can hide away from the housework and keep all your job related bits and pieces safe. Add in a small desk, a swivel office chair and an memo board and your office is ready for business
  • A home gym – whether it’s the wii or the treadmill, having a gym in the comfort of your home can really help with your daily exercise. Pop a radio on the windowsill and turn up the tunes and your daily workout will become more enjoyable rather than a chore.

If you’ve got a spare room at home, what do you use it for? Is it the children’s playroom haven or your workplace

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