Britax introduces SecureGuard for booster seats


Last month, car safety specialists Britax introduced SecureGuard, a seat belt extension for booster seats proven to reduce abdominal forces in the event of a collision.


Image courtesy of Britax

The research from Britax suggests that children inevitably wriggle around in their car seats which could in turn compromise their safety. One study has proved that children in highback booster seats spend on average, 20 minutes of an hour car journey in a slouched posture where children aren’t sitting upright and can be sitting in a dangerous position should an accident happen.

The SecureGuard is a 4-point seat belt extension which helps to ensure that the adult belt as worn by a child across their lap when sitting in a booster seat, remains in the prime position over their pelvic bones and not high up over their abdominal area.

The SecureGuard has been fully tested and crash tests show that the new extension reduces the abdominal forces by up to 35% compared to a car seat that doesn’t have SecureGuard. They are really alarming statistics and rather worrying. Luckily for me, Olly isn’t old or heavy enough yet to be out of his Dualfix car seat but I know lots of older children that are in booster seats.

Paul Gustavsson, CEO Britax Childcare says: “Anyone who has travelled with a child knows that they like to move about in their seat, and a parent’s main concern is to care for their safety while they do so. This innovative technology is proven to keep children safer in booster seats, so we are very proud to bring it to parents all over Europe.”

SecureGuard is now available with the highback booster seats from Britax – the new KIDFIX II XP range, exclusively available through Mothercare with prices starting from £155 in the range. The new ADVANSAFIX II range with SecureGuard, a Group 1-2-3 combination seat, is available in selected retailers now, priced from £250 and Olly has been sent one to review over the next month or so, please keep an eye out for photographs and our review coming soon. 


I am sharing this information as part of the Britax Mumbassador Scheme. 

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