All change in the new year


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It’s all change in our house come the new year. Hubby has landed himself a fantastic new role at the local university and this means we say goodbye to having him at home every school holiday. It’s going to be a logistical headache working out what to do with Olly throughout the year as our childcare arrangements were pretty much sorted on a termly basis. Although our parents look after Olly through the year, they look forward to a few weeks off every term so we need to think about what we’re going to do. Using annual leave and owed time will hopefully help us and the incentive of the fifteen free hours of childcare at a local nursery also looks promising.


One of the more exciting perks of hubby’s new role is that he’ll be able to take his annual leave throughout the whole of the year. No more booking holidays during the school holidays, we can now look to book a holiday any time we want. After 12 years of only being able to book holidays in school holidays, this is HUGE for us!

We have been looking at what holidays we want to take next year and have thought of many different options. So far, we’ve looked into hiring a seaside retreat in Cornwall, a Bolsover cruise and a sunshine holiday in the Mediterranean. We haven’t booked anything yet as we want to see how the finances pan out with hubby’s new job and a change in pay day affecting all existing bills but it is so exciting.

The prospect of taking a holiday at any time of the year opens so many doors for us. No more worrying about paying over the odds for a break. No more booking months in advance to secure our place and no more worrying that school children that hubby recognises will be sitting on the beach next to us (true story!)

Have you planned your holiday for next year yet? Where are you hoping to go?


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