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A couple of months ago, I decided to take back control of our finances and streamline our monthly payments with the help of Direct Debit.

The majority of our bills were already set up to be paid by Direct Debit but there were a handful of bills that I had to make the payments for myself. Doesn’t sound too stressful but when daily life is hectic trying to cram in work, cooking the family a healthy balanced diet and making sure you’ve all got clean clothes to wear, paying a couple of bills can sometimes slip by the wayside.

The whole process of switching my bills to Direct Debit was really easy and so simple. I checked with the organisations I wanted to pay how to set up the payments and followed their instructions; my Next Directory card payment was set up over the telephone, our credit card payment was set up using internet banking and our council tax was set up by posting off a Direct Debit instruction form. All of which were relatively simple to do and voila, the payments are now scheduled.

What are the benefits?

Paying the household bills via Direct Debit is an easy way to manage the finances but there are other benefits too.

  • Less stress each month knowing that the payments for your bills are being paid
  • You can spread the cost of an item over a set period of time (we recently bought our first ever brand new posh sofa and are paying for it by Direct Debit each month)
  • You could save a bit of money. Some organisations (such as British Gas) offer certain discounts on your payments if you pay via Direct Debit each month
  • Direct Debit payments are guaranteed so in the event of an error, you’ll get your money back from your bank

Feeling smug

This month all our household bills will be paid via Direct Debit. The relief of not having to worry about them being paid is so satisfying. I feel like a weight has been lifted and all I’ll be doing from now on is making sure there is enough money in the account to cover all the Direct Debit payments and checking again towards the end of the month to make sure all the payments have left the bank account. I’m feeling rather smug that our finances are now all organised and that they’ll get paid on time every month!

If you want to save yourself the stress of paying your bills each month, check out how I made the switch with Direct Debit and don’t forget for every bill you switch, you can enter your details in the quarterly Freedom Guaranteed Prize Draw and you could win yourself £5,000!

Disclosure: Post published in partnership with Direct Debit

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