4 Ways to Improve Your Home Insulation


Taking care of your property is of the utmost importance, whether you intend to live there long-term, let it out or sell the place on. It can make the place more appealing to live in and, odds are, you’ll increase the value of your property too. Though you may not be an expert, there are plenty of improvements you can make to give an abode a nudge in the right direction. You can do up a loft, turn a garage into an extra room, expose gorgeous wood flooring, and even help with energy costs by improving the insulation.

The latter is really important, as it’ll not only save you money but create a better living environment. Here are four ways you can do it…

Roof insulation

In an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof, so it makes a lot of sense to insulate your loft, attic or flat roof to reduce heat loss and bills. It’s effective for at least 42 years, so you will make your money back on the job. Now that Energy Performance Certificates are a legal requirement when selling your home, it could even help you get a better price if you decide to move on.

There are numerous ways to insulate a loft, and it’s heavily dependent on whether the space is being used as a room in the house. Whether you do it yourself or get someone in, it’s always good to finish the job neatly with a lick of good quality roof paints.


Insulating under the floorboards on the ground floor will save you approximately £45 – £55 a year. If you only need a few things sorting, you might be able to do this yourself – for example, sealing underneath the skirting board and floors with a sealant from a DIY store. Older homes with suspended timber floors are more likely to require wool insulation, which might be best done by a professional.

Garden planting

You can even improve the insulation in your home with a bit of well-executed planting in the garden, believe it or not. Shrubs can help diffuse wind and leafy trees on a south-facing lawn can help to reduce summer heat, so these are worth considering when you’re landscaping.

The little things

If you don’t want to take on a big job at the moment, there are smaller things you can do to help out in the meantime. Cover up electrical sockets, buy a cheap and cheerful draught excluder for problematic doors and weather strip your windows and external doors. Though they may not make as much difference as some of the above options, they’re better than nothing and could help you save money.

These are just some of the things you can do to insulate your home for the better. Is there anything that needs doing in your home to improve your insulation?

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