Review: Fisher Price Little People Skyway

Fisher Price Little People Skyway

Fisher Price Little People Skyway
Little Mr adores anything with wheels. His particular favourites are cars and trains so when Fisher Price sent him the Little People Skyway to review he was really excited.

The Fisher Price Little People Skyway is a fun play set for car mad youngsters. Standing over 3 feet tall, little ones can put their cars at the top of the ramp and watch them as they race down to the bottom of the ramp. There’s an element of surprise with the Skyway as the cars can come down one of three ways thanks to the built in path diverter switches.

Fisher Price Little People Skyway

What’s included?

The play set comes with two cars with the Little People characters, Koby and Tessa sitting in them, a crane, traffic signal which you can change to red, amber and green by twisting the button on the top , a petrol pump, parking meter and an opening and closing gate.

We were a little disappointed with the crane as its fixed to the structure of the skyway so doesn’t really do much. We had hoped it would move allowing us to put a car on the ramp in a different place but this isn’t possible.

Fisher Price Little People Skyway

Hubby put the play set together one rainy Saturday afternoon and was really impressed with the instructions which is always good to hear! It took him about 20 minutes and once put together makes a really sturdy play set. The play set cannot be taken down quickly and would require a screwdriver so something to bear in mind when you put it together.

The skyway is a fantastic toddler toy. It has provided Little Mr with lots of fun, giggles and excitement and he makes both his Daddy and I have races with him. We put the cars at the top of the side ramps and let go at the same time, he gets so excited at seeing the cars race down the track, it’s really funny to watch.

Fisher Price Little People Skyway

Encourages imaginative play

He also loves to make up little stories about the cars which is brilliant as it’s aiding his imagination. He pretends he’s putting petrol in the car and then opens the gate pushing the car through it and then says he’s on the way up to the top of the car park as he takes the car up the ramps. It’s great to see him using his imagination and making up stories.

Fisher Price Little People Skyway


The Fisher Price Little People Skyway is currently priced at £42.99.

In my honest opinion, I think it’s a little bit pricey for what it is however it would make a great gift for a special birthday or a gift for Christmas. It is quite sturdy (you can expect the usual great Fisher Price quality) so I imagine it will last quite a few years and would make a great toy for many children in the family.

Disclosure: We were sent this toy in exchange for this review. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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