Making memories on the beach*

Making memories on the beach*

Our camping trip to Lincolnshire is pretty much one of my highlights of the year. We have been going on our annual camping trip for about 7 years now. We pack up all our camping essentials and make the two hour drive to join my Parents, my Grandparents and my Sister and her Son at one of our favourite campsites in the middle of Lincolnshire.

It’s always such a good weekend, I love spending time with my family in the open air. We all have a good giggle, we play games and have good banter around the fire pit when the sun sets and toast marshmallows on sticks. This weekend was Little Mr’s third camping trip in as many years and we hope he enjoys it as much as we do over the next few years.

One of the things that we always do without fail is to pack up our beach stuff and drive over to the coast to see our friends who live in Chapel St. Leonards.  We go to their house for a cuppa and a catch up and then make our way to their local beach for the afternoon. Seeing Little Mr and our nephew having a whale of a time in the sand with our Grandparents (their Great-Grandparents) is just the best.


We love popping to the beach shop on the corner and picking up a bag of our all-time favourite retro sweets and sitting on the beach with my Nan enjoying a pink shrimp or two. I love making memories like this, having my whole family around me enjoying themselves in the sunshine is just perfect. My Nan has many a story to tell about the sweets she ate as a youngster along with tales of how much of a treat they were back in the day. To her delight most of them are still available so we can enjoy them on the beach (and back at home).


After an afternoon on the beach, one big hole dug in the sand and two little boys soaking wet from having fun in the sea, we headed back to the campsite for a barbecue and to watch the sunset from the warmth of the blazing fire pit. So many happy memories made and hopefully we can do it all over again next year.


Do you love spending time with your family? What items evoke memories for your family members? 

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