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    Living Arrows 2015 – Week 35


    Living Arrows – Week 35

    “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” Khalil Gibran

    The final week of the school holidays and our last few days together before the normality of back to school/work resumes. This weekend we spent a few nights under canvas in our tent pitched in the Lincolnshire countryside. It’s been a whole year since we went camping with Little Mr so we wasn’t sure how he’d take to it as a toddler but we need not have worried, he absolutely loved it.

    We shared the tent with my Sister and our nephew so the boys shared a bedroom pod together sleeping on their airbeds and they were excellent. I was worried they might disturb each other through the night but the fresh air seemed to knock them out and they both slept really well.

    We spent a lazy day around the campsite on Friday and Little Mr played on the grass with his new Red Arrow toy that his Grandparents had bought him. It’s so lovely to watch his imagination come alive playing with new toys.

    IMG_3020 (1)

    My Mom spent a good half an hour playing with bubbles in the field and Little Mr loved it. He wanted to join in blowing the bubbles but hasn’t got the technique of blowing them just yet. My Mom showed him that he didn’t really need to blow them if he stood with the wind in the right direction so he stood with his arms waving in the air hoping the wind would catch the bubble mixture and let the bubbles fly off around him.


    We’ve had such a wonderful weekend together and I’m a little bit sad the summer is nearly at an end. Time to cook up some plans for September to keep the fun times going.

     Living Arrows

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