Thinking about home ‘hotel’ bathroom style

Thinking about home ‘hotel’ bathroom style

Whenever we stay in a hotel, I love to have a good look around the bathroom. It’s a space where you can wash away the tales of a busy day and relax and unwind ready for a good nights sleep.

I love how hotels use floor to ceiling ceramic tiles, some have an integrated bath and shower unit with a smart toilet, heated towel rails and the most amazing vanity units that just look so stylish, I would love to have one of those in my own bathroom at home.

Our bathroom at home is huge. It’s a really good size for a terrace house and lots of our neighbours have turned their bathrooms into a third bedroom and moved the bathroom downstairs. We love the space our bathroom gives us as we have a separate bath and shower with a toilet and sink unit on opposite walls but we would love to redecorate it with a fresh new bathroom suite in the next twelve months.

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Images courtesy of Bella Bathrooms

I would love to incorporate a large vanity unit on the main wall with a huge mirror just above it. Having looked at various vanity units recently to plan my dream bathroom, I didn’t realise how many different styles there were. There are lots of ideas here from Bella Bathrooms and I really love how they combine style with a functional space that will hide the multitude of toiletries that are currently sitting proud on our bathroom shelves. I’d love a tidy bathroom with clean lines and stylish chrome accessories, one that we could make our own but wouldn’t look out of place in a hotel.

What would you have in your dream bathroom? Would you like to hide away the products and have a super stylish, bright and airy grown up bathroom? The planning continues..

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