What’s in the bag? | the toddler edition


Toddler Bag 2

I once made the mistake of taking Little Mr to meet a friend without his changing bag. I thought I had covered all the bases; fresh nappy on (the toddler), bottle of water in hand, money for food. What else would I need for an hour out of the house with a toddler?

Big mistake! Of course, he did the biggest poo of the week within ten minutes of leaving the house, didn’t want to eat the food I had ordered him and spent half an hour playing with the salt and pepper shakers as he was bored.

These days, Little Mr never leaves the house without his changing bag. It’s a Disney Cars rucksack packed full of essentials you need when you take a toddler out.

Here’s what’s in the bag? The toddler edition


Activity books and crayons (to entertain him)
Bottom changing essentials; nappies, wipes, nappy bags (to clean him)
Baseball cap, sun screen and hoodie (to protect him from the elements)
Bottle of water, biscotti and a fruit pouch (to feed him)
Pen and sachets of sweetener (to keep me sweet)
Bag of medicinal products; teething powder, eye wipes, liquid paracetamol (for those ‘just in case’ moments you have when you don’t take them with you!)

There should* also be in this bag a change of clothes for when he spills yogurt down his t-shirt as he refuses to let you help him with, a toy dinosaur because every little boy needs a toy dinosaur on a day out with his Grandparents and a push along car for the long tiresome car journeys home from his Grandparents to home (5 minute drive!)

*isn’t in this bag as someone took it out as he didn’t want to wear that one / left it at his Grandparents / is in the car seat in your husbands car 

Little Mr toddler bag

Naturally, he wants to carry his bag every where regardless of how heavy it is and how easy it is to topple over when wearing said rucksack. Where’s my baby gone?

What’s in your toddler bag? Do you take the same items as we do?

This is our entry into the Pink Lining Ambassador Search as we would LOVE to test out some of the Pink Lining range. We still love our Wise Owls Wanderlust Rucksack and use it for family days out. Thanks for considering us!

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