The important phone call versus the toddler


As a busy working Mummy, I don’t get much opportunity to fit in the important phone call (to pay the balance on the Summer holiday your husband has only just reminded you about or to cancel the dentist appointment which falls slap bang in the middle of a working day) during usual office hours so I’m more often than not making these type of phone calls with my noisy toddler in earshot.

If you’ve never tried to make an important phone call with a cheeky two year old around, here’s four ways in which it’s pretty impossible to make a phone call with them around.

  1. They want to speak to Nanny NOW

You’re typing in the phone number on the telephone keypad

“Mummy, who you ringing? Is it Nanny? Hello Nanny…I want to speak to Nanny!”

Cue hissy fit and an almighty tantrum as they want to speak to Nanny and tell her all about the sausage rolls you bought him at the supermarket on the way home. You press end call.

  1. It’s potty time

You’ve just spent the last ten minutes in a queue and finally, you get through and you’re about to tell the Customer Service Adviser your name and the first line of your address

“Mummy, I need a poo poo”

You’ve been attempting potty training with your Son for the last two months and he refuses to tell you when he needs to use the potty. Until now. You press end call.

  1. There’s a parrot in the house

You’ve made it through (again!) and you’re being asked some security questions. The Customer Service Adviser asks for your full name.

“Emma Shilton” you say

“Emma Shilton, who is she? shouts the toddler in full earshot of the phone

“Mummy….Mummy…. who’s Emma Shilton?”

You’re attempting to pacify the toddler and get through the security questions without sounding like a complete fraud. Next, the Customer Service Adviser asks what the first line of your address is?

“35 Andover Crescent” you say quickly as to comply with their questioning

“35 Andover Present, what’s that Mummy? I want a present!”

“Can I call you back later?”

  1. The pasta is cold

You’ve made the dinner to create a distraction for your toddler so you’re free to make a phone call. Said toddler is in his highchair, bib on, fork in hand, bowlful of pasta in front of him, winning! You manage to dial the number, you’re first in the queue and you get through to the Customer Service Adviser without a hitch. Life is good!

“Mummy, it’s cold. My pasta is cold!”

You ignore the toddler hoping that they’ll forget and carry on eating their dinner.


In the corner of your eye, you see the bowlful of pasta being pushed off the edge of the highchair by your defiant toddler who doesn’t want lukewarm pasta and it’s about to hit your freshly deep cleaned carpet.

“Nooooooooo!!!” you bellow as you dash across the dining room forgetting that you’re on the phone to the credit card company. Completely embarrassed you tell the Customer Service Adviser that now isn’t a good time and you’ll call them  back.

If you struggle to make important phone calls with your toddler in tow then forget why you’re actually ringing them when you finally get through, then you’ll nod in agreement at this comedy sketch from Jason Manford, I know I did!

Jason has made five videos for Barclaycard and you can watch the other hilarious four over on the Barclaycard website.

How do you tackle the phone call versus intrigued toddler dilemma? Is it best to leave it until they’ve gone to bed and hope the call centre is still open or do you struggle on regardless?

Disclosure: Thanks to Barclaycard for partnering with me on this post. All words are my own. 

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  • Reply Nicola Bradbury 14/06/2015 at 11:16 am

    Oh Emma, this is so funny because this nearly always happens to me! I remember once, last Summer, I had phoned the Priest to discuss something about the Wedding and all I could hear was Alfie shouting ‘I want to speak to the Priest, let me talk to him. I want to talk to him NOW, It’s my turn Mummy… It was so funny! Luckily, our Priest is great and didn’t mind haha. I know what you mean though, it is very difficult. I usually have to wait until nap time and go in another room! xx

  • Reply Lynn Heath 14/06/2015 at 6:29 pm

    I’ve been known to start making a call and then have to shut myself in the bathroom to finish it! It’s not just a toddler thing either, my older two instantly need my attention the second I have make a call, or start arguing with each other!

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