Summer Days Out with Petits Filous – a review

Petits Filous pouches
Little Mr has always enjoyed Petits Filous so when we were asked to review the new pouches from Petits Filous I knew they would go down well with him.
This Summer, Petits Filous have launched their new range of resealable fromage frais pouches. Available in 3 family favourite flavours; strawberry, apricot and raspberry, the pouches are fantastic to add to packed lunches and ideal for picnics and days out in the sunshine.
I love putting together a good picnic for family days out but have always avoided putting a sweet treat in the cool bag due to the risk of being crushed, explosions and how messy they can be; toddlers and spoons unrestrained on a picnic blanket is a recipe for disaster. The new Petits Filous pouches are a fantastic way of being able to take along your little ones favourite treat knowing the lid is on and no fromage frais is going to escape.
Petits Filous
The pouches are the perfect size for little fingers and Little Mr loves that he can feed himself the fromage frais (after Mummy has unscrewed the lid slightly.) He likes to be able to take his time over his yogurt so it’s great for him to be able to pick the pouch up and down whenever he feels like it. The inbuilt straw is brilliant and lets little ones drink the yogurt without making any mess. I like that the pouch is resealable so if Little Mr decides he doesn’t want the yogurt after all (he refuses his yogurt ALL the time once I’ve taken the lid off for him) I can reseal it and pop it back in the fridge or cool bag until he’s ready and we haven’t wasted anything or is it going to spoil.
As with all Petits Filous yogurts, they’re packed with Vitamin D and Calcium which goes to helping our little ones on their way to building strong bones and helping them physically develop. Little Mr loves how smooth the yogurt is as there are no fruit bits in them and I love that there is no added preservatives, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners in them.
petits filous


Currently the Petits Filous pouches are priced at 79 pence each which is a bit more than we usually pay for our fromage frais. I wouldn’t buy these every week in replacement of our usual pots of fromage frais but I would buy them if I was putting together a picnic for the family and wanted to make sure there was a nice treat included for Little Mr.

The pouches are currently on offer in Tesco, 3 for £2 saving you 37 pence if you bought 3 individual pouches. I had difficulty finding these in my local Tesco store but the bigger store in town had them in stock.

Ideal for picnics, long car journeys, trips to the park, anywhere where you don’t want little ones to get messy but still enjoy the delights of a healthy yogurt snack.

Disclaimer: We were sent a voucher to buy some Petits Filous for this review. Thank you Tots100 and Petits Filous for working with us. All words and images are my own and this forms an honest and reliable review. 

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