Living Arrows 2015 – Week 19

Living Arrows 2015 – Week 19

Last week was a week for family celebrations. My nephew turned seven years old so my Sister took advantage of the Bank Holiday and had a family tea party for all our immediate family. It was lovely to spend the day with the whole family and Little Mr of course, loved it.

The relationship my Son has with his cousin is really lovely to watch. When they are together they are adorable. There’s five years between them but age is just a number. They both love to play with Duplo, run around my Parents home making up games, testing each others abilities and making each other laugh. They do remind me of how me and my Sister used to be when we were growing up. I hope they will both be friends forever and share lots of special memories together.

Living Arrows

Before the madness started that comes with family parties, the boys had a rare moment of calm whilst they were watching Cars on the TV. It was all too brief once the family arrived and they got excited by birthday presents and the promise of birthday cake.


It was a lovely afternoon as we watched my nephew open his birthday presents and begin to play with them. It was really nice to see Little Mr interact more with his Great-Grandparents too. They are amazed by his ability to hold a full blown conversation with them and it’s so nice to see them sharing stories and enjoying each others company.


Yes, that’s my Nan in a silly birthday hat. My Nan has a brilliant sense of humour and she doesn’t take herself too seriously which is a family trait I’m proud to have. It’s actually my Nan’s birthday today so Happy Birthday Nan, we hope you have a lovely day and it’s my Dad’s birthday tomorrow so Happy Birthday Dad. We hope you love your gifts and Little Mr’s drawings in your birthday card. Little Mr has been learning the Happy Birthday song and he’ll happily sing it to you if you let him. It’s very cute to listen to but he’s beginning to understand birthdays and celebrations so roll on the next one!

 Living Arrows

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  1. 11/05/2015 / 10:07 pm

    Aww, he’s so cute! I love that picture with your Nan. Toby doesn’t have any cousins (yet – my brother needs to get going with the baby making!) but I hope he’ll have a similar relationship with his little brother when he comes along in the summer,

  2. 11/05/2015 / 10:54 pm

    I love that shot of him with the glasses. So sweet. Love the birthday hat too. Can’t beat a bit of fun at birthday time.

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